He Said, She Said, They Said, I Said……WTF!!!! Problems.

You know what the problem with everything is today?   The problem with everything today is that everything is a problem. There’s nothing that’s not a problem. And, if it’s not a problem, someone out there will make it a problem. Most likely a news organization or some brain-dead politician.

(might wanna cue up “Problems” by the Everly Brothers while you’re reading this……just a thought)

The problem with all of this is that it’s not a problem unless you personally think it’s a problem, try to find a way to solve it, and run into a problem because other people do not think it’s a problem. For instance.

There’s the “Occupy Wall Street” movement which is a problem for the people who made the problems that the people are protesting about. Then there is the problem of people who support Wall Street, big corporations and banks. Namely those who never have any problems.  Most likely people who are well off financially and have no idea what a McDonald’s or Burger King hamburger tastes like and think Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

“Sorry senior, vee do not carry lattes.”

The problem, as I see it, which may be a problem for you, if you fail to agree with me on the way that I see this problem, is that it’s not necessarily a problem with Wall Street, big banks and corporations. Yes, they are part of the problem, which is a problem in itself, but the major problem, as I see the problem to be, is politicians and our electoral process.

Ya see folks, the problem is that these people in Washington, (D.C. and not up in Washington State) have way too many perks.  Discounting the bimbos and booze they all have access to.  Which is yet another problem.  They get health care, huge pensions, freebies up the kazoo, (an occasional free kazoo) and a gazillion other things that we slugs, (the lowly everyday people) either never see in our lifetime or struggle to obtain.  Like healthcare and a full tank of gas.

The political system needs to be changed. Drastically. My ideas…which may be a problem for some of you, but, don’t sweat it, it’s just a thought. It’s not like I personally have any freakin’ clout mind you.  But, because we have so many problems, I thought I’d throw these ideas out there and see what happens.  The problem is, nobody ever listens.


Thnx: Annie Clark on Facebook

Politicians should be required to take a stupid test first.  Ask each and every one of them if they know how to unscrew a gas cap off of their car.  If they don’t, they’re disqualified.

No perks of any sort.  If ya run for office you make minimum wage just like the rest of us do.  (wanna see how fast the minimum wage goes up)

They should have to buy their own health care and if they have a medical problem that they can’t afford to pay for, shoot them, and reelect someone else. How easy is that!

Because we get stuck with a politician who we voted in and turns out to be an idiot, we should be able to vote him out once we decide that he’s a problem and vote someone else in immediately until we get one we like. Kinda like trying on a new pair of shoes every week.

When the next election takes place, and the new people are in office, if there are no jobs and there are wars still going on after one week in office, kick the SOB’s out. It should all take, as we all know, only a week for anyone new in office to solve all of the world’s problems.

Now, here’s the major problem folks.  Who do we elect in the next election? There’s actually nobody worth electing.  They’re all wolves in sheep’s clothing. Kinda like cross dressers. As long as they all come from the same mold, and are moldy, nothings going to change…..except the sheep’s clothing, which will be discarded after the election and the true wolves come out. And we, us lowly folk, get stuck with a bunch of naked sheep running around all over the place.

So ya see, you can put up candidates from the Republican, Democratic, Independent, Tea, Coffee, Vodka, and Moonshine parties, and they’re all the same once they get into office.  Although that last one there, the Moonshine party, sure are a bunch of down to earth happy folks.

In all honesty, problems aside, I personally can’t vote for anyone because I can see that no one is any different regardless of what they say. Show me a candidate that will limit politicians terms to 1 year in office, (hey, the campaigning goes on forever anyhow so what’s the difference…might as well make it a year round thing) a candidate that will vote for minimum wage and “buy your own healthcare” for congressmen, and they’ve got my vote. Along with a regulation that states that campaigns can only last one month. And the only straw we see in polls are the ones attached to a pole on a farm holding up a scarecrow.

While we’re at it, how about a candidate that will close down the Capitol, make everybody actually live in their districts, and vote on legislation via a computer from their home.

Give me a few more minutes and I’ll be able to actually phase out Washington, D.C………which we could then turn over to the Smithsonian Institution, charge admission to tourists, and funnel that money back into our pockets.

Anybody know why we actually need Washington, D.C. anyhow?

Oh yeah, I forgot….that’s where the President lives.  Ok, ok…….make him live in an apartment or condo like the rest of us. See…..problem solved.

Hmmmm……another problem.  What to do with the White House.

I got it!  Sell it to Trump, convert it into a casino, and the percentage the casino makes should be doled out to taxpayers to offset anything we might owe to the IRS.

Oops……another problem. The IRS.   What to do with those SOB’s.

Don’t worry folks, I’m working on that problem as I sit here in my secluded cabin somewhere in Venezuela………….jusssssst in case the IRS follows this blog.

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