My Monthly “WTF!” Post.

When you write a daily humor blog, obviously you attempt to write humor. And, being somewhat demented, as I’m sure all of you have determined that I am by now, I often like to express my opinions on things that just blow my mind. It really doesn’t take much to accomplish that because sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by stupidity.  So, with that in mind, here’s my monthly “WTF!” blog.

You’ve all read by now, unless you’re under a rock somewhere, that Bank of America will be charging customers $5 a month for using their debit cards if they use that card to make purchases.  Which used to be free.

Thnx: Dave Granlund (

In a recent article by Michelle Singletary, (Washington Post) she can’t grasp why people are sooooo upset about this new bank fee.  Might be because Michelle works for the Washington Post and makes a lot of money. Ya think?

Here’s one of her quotes on why we shouldn’t be upset over this new fee: “just because something was free once doesn’t mean it can be offered free forever, right?”

Yeah right! What’s wrong with all of you people?  Bank’s are just like people. Just like Mitt Romney said when he said, “corporations are like people.” Peeeeeeople……peeeeeeople……people who love people, are the luckiest peeeeeeople in the world. Was Barbra Streisand singing about banks and corporations?  Most likely.

Gosh….I feel so stupid about getting upset over Bank of America charging me to use my debit card. Geez…..they’re people too……and if they charge me $5 to use my card per month, um, that means that they will only rake in a mere $3 million dollars per year from all of their debit card customers. I’m sooooooo ashamed. WTF!!!


Comcast announced that they have come up with a new innovate idea for their subscribers.  Menu TV.  Yep…’ll be able to pick out only the channels that you want to watch.  This is great considering I can count the channels I watch on one hand. Sooooo…..does this mean that my monthly bill will only be a few bucks rather than the over a hundred bucks I now pay for something that was once…..FREE? WTF!!!

Moving on…….

I guess all of those Wall Street protestors are protesting what they perceive to

Thnx: Steve Greenberg

be greed on the part of Wall Street.  I went down to Wall Street myself until I realized that the Wall Street they were protesting at was in New York and not the Wall Street in my town.  Boy did I feel stupid protesting in front of a meat market at the location I was at.  I did get a good deal on a prime rib though.  My question is……why aren’t protestors protesting in front of their Congressmen’s houses considering Washington is really the place for greed and out of touch with the average person mentality? WTF!!!

Sarah Palin, better known as, “Mama Grizzly,” maybe because living in Alaska makes hair grow on your body faster than if ya lived in California, announced that she’s not going to run for the Presidency.  This after she’s raised a million gazillion trillion dollars campaigning on the road to not run for the Presidency.  My question:  If I choose not to run for the Presidency, can I launch a not to run for the Presidency campaign and raise a gazillion million trillion dollars too?  Anybody got a bus they wanna loan me?

Sarah Palin's Tour could be mistaken.

Slogan: “The MisfitWisdom I’m Not Running For Anything But I’ll Happily Take Your Donations Until I Officially Announce That I’m Not Running For Anything Tour.”

Um….if I get all of these donations do I have to give any of it back? Oops……too late….I already spent it. Sorry. WTF!!!

(NOTE) You’ll notice that on each and every MisfitWisdom blog I ask for donations to help defray the costs of taxing my mind writing this stuff. So far, after month’s of begging, pleading, and posting the PayPal link, no one has donated.  I obviously must announce that I am thinking about a candidacy for President in order to get any donations. However, if and when I do receive any donations after announcing that I am thinking about my candidacy, I will, after a few months, and having raised a gazillion million trillion dollars, announce that I am not running. HEY, if it works for Sarah, why not for me!!!  WTF!!!

Finally, on this “WTF!” day, I wish to thank the “Baseball God” for an end to a wonderful baseball season.  Yes, I know that my beloved Red Sox did not make it to the playoffs due to the fact that they were much too busy watching those new Heineken Beer commercials with the big band music and hot babes while offering toasts in the clubhouse with a big frothy glass of Heineken during games.  (this may account for the speed of Tim Wakefield’s ball (64 mph) from the pitcher’s mound to home plate) (hic) WTF!!!

But….I also want to thank the Baseball God for the demise of the Yankees as well.  When they played the Tampa Bay Rays and had their Scranton/Wilkes-Barre players on the field for those games, they did so in an attempt to save their key players for the playoff game between them and Detroit.  Um….how did that work out for ya Joe Girardi?  So, that left all Yankee fans on that last elimination game saying……WTF!!!

I'm not givin' you the finger....this is the Vulcan salute ya jerk!

So, there ya have it folks… “WTF!” monthly blog on a variety of subjects.  I feel much better now that I’ve vented.

Think I’ll take a break and have a Heineken.

“Hey Wake or Pap, wanna pass me a cold one!”

“Sorry Misfit…..the fridge is empty.”


(DONATE) Yes, (sigh) the PayPal donate link is posted below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site if you would care to donate to help me with my non-candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, which, I have not announced that I would actually run for, but, just to be on the safe side, in case I do decide to run, you might want to contribute anyhow.  HEY…Palin’s not runnin’ so you might as well send me those bucks instead of her.

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