Morons Back In The News. Time To Drag Out The Old Moron Jokes Ollie!!!

“Why can’t morons make ice cubes?   Because they always forget the recipe.”

Ya gotta love this stuff. Moron jokes.  Geez….I haven’t told a moron joke since I was in high school. In fact, I used to get called that all the time by the other kids. “Misfit…you damn moron.” I kinda took that as a compliment because I was not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, so when ANY kid called me a”moron” at least I got SOME attention.

I may have been called a "moron" myself in high school, but I betcha none of you could do this.

Anyhow, morons are back in the news today thanks to Jon Huntsman who’s running for the Republican nomination for President. This can only mean one thing……….we’re gonna hear a lot of moron jokes in the next few weeks. Beginning right here.

But first, why morons are suddenly in the news.  Well, at least one moron. The moron award goes to Pastor Robert Jeffress who made a statement about another Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney. Jeffress defined Mormonism, which is the religion Romney practices, a “cult” and said that a “true conservative” is a genuine follower of Jesus Christ.”

I, for one, am not gonna touch that line with a ten foot pole….I’m no moron ya know.

But…..Jon Hunstman did, and he commented on Jeffress’ remarks in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer  saying that: “The fact that some moron can stand up and make a statement like that is outrageous.”

There it is folks……the “M” word. Moron….He’s basically called Jeffress a moron.  OMG!!!

“Why can’t a moron dial 911?  Because they can’t find the 11 on the phone.”

Now I looked up  the definition of moron in my handy-dandy Bush/Palin World Dictionary of current/past and present made up words and this is what it had listed as the definition of moron.

“A person exhibiting the mildest degree of mental deficiency.”  But I like the final definition. “A very stupid person.”

Well, I was kinda stupid in high school and had I known that being called a moron meant that I was stupid I might have been offended. Then, on the other hand, I WAS too stupid to realize it back then.  I thought those other kids just liked me and they called me a moron in a loving way. SOB’s.

“”Did ya hear about the moron that got an AM radio? It took him a month to realize that he could play it at night.”

(Note: if you didn’t get that last joke…you’re a freakin’ moron)

Now I for one really don’t think religion should be an issue in ANY election. Voters should base their decisions on the candidate’s qualifications and what his plans are to make our country a better place to live in.  Unless of course the guy really is a moron……. then religion doesn’t matter. My theory.

“Two morons were walking through the woods and they came upon some tracks.  The first moron said, “These look like deer tracks.”  And the other moron said, “No, they look like moose tracks.”  They argued and argued and were still arguing when the train hit them.”

So, Jeffress obviously could fit into the moron category according to Jon Huntsman for making that “cult”remark about Mitt Romney’s religion. Ya just don’t go around kicking anybody’s else’s religion……… unless you’re the rock group R.E.M. and singing a song called “Losing My Religion” in which case it’s ok, providing you lost your religion, can’t seem to locate it, and went to the Reverend Jeffress to find it, and upon doing so, discovered that he was a moron and then said, “screw it” and joined a cult.


“How do you keep a moron in suspense?”

I’ll tell ya tomorrow………………..

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Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


(NOTE) Researching this moronic story I discovered various news outlets spelling the Pastor’s name two different ways. “Jeffries and Jeffress. Morons couldn’t decide which one is correct. Neither could I…….oops.

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9 Responses to Morons Back In The News. Time To Drag Out The Old Moron Jokes Ollie!!!

  1. Doc says:

    Soooo… DO you keep a moron in suspense??

  2. Doc says:

    Soooo… DO you keep a moron in suspense??

  3. Doc says:

    Soooo… DO you keep a moron in suspense?? (geesh)

  4. SVG says:

    Hey Doc…why don’t you wait until tomorrow for the answer?

    By the way, Doc, would you climb over a chain link fence to see what’s on the other side?

  5. Doc says:

    Once, when I was in prison…

  6. Doc says:

    Once upon a time, and many moons ago, while I was in boot camp, I had a moron for a drill instructor. In order to perfect our daily hygiene, each of us was required to brush our teeth after every meal. So we would all go into the men’s room, face the mirror, and make believe we were really brushing our teeth.

    The drill instructor only checked on us periodically, but all we were doing was making a fist near our mouths, and moved our tongues in our cheeks back and forth.

    We also made sure all the sinks had very hot water running so that the steam would rise and fog out our sink area and mirror, so he couldn’t tell.

    What a moron…

  7. kitchenmudge says:

    Aren’t “moron” jokes a thinly disguised way of neutralizing what were once ethnic jokes?
    Just askin’

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      Morons are an ethnic group?

      Click here for my daily blog.

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