Nudes…Oops…I Meant News On The Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren Senate Race

You may all remember when Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) was running to fill the seat of the Late Senator Edward Kennedy.  You probably remember that during the heated race against his opponent Martha Coakley (D) that photographs of Scott posing naked in Cosmopolitan Magazine suddenly surfaced.  As do any naked photographs of any politician who decides to run for any office.

Somewhere there’s a guy who collects naked photographs of everybody, keeps them on file, and then when they become famous, makes a fortune selling them to the media.  Wish I had thought of that. Damn!

(NOTE) If any naked photographs of Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Herman Cain suddenly appear ANYWHERE do not view them after you’ve eaten. Barf factor.

Anyhow, once again those naked photographs have come back to haunt Scott.  As reported by “The Ticket” in a news report by Rachel Rose Hartman, a confrontation between Brown and his challenger in the Massachusetts Senate race, Elizabeth Warren, suddenly is back in the nudes….um…sorry….I meant to say news.

In a debate sponsored by the Boston Globe and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, panelists asked the Democratic candidate to comment on her own college experience in light of Scott Brown’s colorful modeling past. (posing naked)

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's Cosmo centerfold. (notice that the crease in the centerfold has been strategically placed. Removing the staples will not help)

“How did you pay for your college education?”

Warren was the first to reply saying, “I kept my clothes on.”  She went on further, saying that, “I borrowed money, took out student loans and worked a part-time job.”

Enter Scott Brown on a radio talk show interview when the host asked him about Warren’s comments about keeping her clothes on. His Reply, “Thank God.”

Oops……….load up the cannons.

Brown’s campaign manager said in an e-mail statement to the Boston Globe, “It’s elitist of professor Warren to look down at the decisions Scott Brown made to put himself through college and rise above the circumstances of his life.  Scott has fought and scraped for everything he’s got.”

Hmmmmmm.  “Warren to look down”……perhaps she was looking at the lower part of Scott’s anatomy in that photo layout.  “rise above the circumstances.”  The rising part may have occurred when Brown caught Warren observing him naked.   “fought and scraped for everything he’s got.”Nah……God gave him everything he’s got, (body wise) so I don’t think there was any fighting and scraping involved.

Comments from people interviewed ranged from “rude” to “sexist” with regard to Scott’s, “Thank God” comment about the fact that Warren did not take “her” clothes off.

So the beat goes on.  If ya see an opening to nail your challenger to make he or she look bad in the electorates eyes, go for it.  Unless you’re a woman whose electorate eyes are still drooling over those naked Scott Brown photos. I think he may have the women’s vote sewed up folks.

As far as the guys are concerned, perhaps Elizabeth Warren really needs to pose naked.  Not for Cosmopolitan magazine, because she “IS” in her mid to early 60’s. That way they would both be on an equal basis having both posed naked.  The problem here is that Scott’s photos were taken some time ago, when Liz herself should have also posed.  Now that’s she’s older, the only options I can see would be for her to pose for AARP magazine, but, they don’t have a centerfold.

(I keep writing those folks at AARP telling them that they really need to spice up their magazine for seniors by having a centerfold, but they keep ignoring me)

So Elizabeth’s only chance of evening up the playing field is to do what Helen Mirren did and pose naked for “New York Magazine.” HEY….if it worked for Helen Mirren why not for Elizabeth Warren.  Can’t hurt.  Lots of seniors in Massachusetts too.

(NOTE To LIZ)  Have your staff check into the senior population in Massachusetts and if the numbers are off the wall, put in a call to N.Y. Magazine or perhaps, if Massachusetts has their own magazine, pitch a nude photo layout to them.

Fair is fair….that’s my motto.  If Scott Brown can pose naked for Cosmo and it didn’t hurt his chances to get elected, why not Elizabeth Warren. In fact, I personally think all candidates should go for the naked vote. With the exception of old political male candidates.  I somehow just can’t picture Ron Paul naked.  “Thank God”…..(line used by Scott Brown) that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey chose not to run…..or pose naked.

Ya have to excuse me now folks. The image that just entered my mind of a naked Chris Christie just made me a bit nauseous.  Sorry………..

(DONATE)  The every present PayPal donate link is below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will then take you to the PayPal site if you choose to donate.  As far as I can determine there are no naked photographs of any candidates at the PayPal site. I can’t say this for sure about eBay however. You can find just about anything on eBay. Maybe, heaven forbid, a naked photo of Chris Christie. Blahhhhh!

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