Will Middle Class People Be Phased Out? Or Simply Be Zoo Attractions?

I’m really beginning to worry about the divide between the wealthy and middle class.  Now I consider myself to be borderline middle class. Which is good considering I never really fit into any class when I was attending high school.  Other than in the detention room. So it’s kinda nice that I seem to fit in somewhere.

However, with the great divide between the wealthy, middle class and poor people, I’m beginning to feel that I might soon be extinct.  This can only mean that along with dinosaurs and all those other extinct species, that someday I might wind up displayed behind a glass in a zoo somewhere.

Hey….how may times have you ever seen that etching on a wall somewhere, (mens rooms usually) that say, “Kilroy Was Here” and you have no idea who Kilroy is?  BECAUSE HE’S EXTINCT….that’s why. He was most likely a poor or middle class person. I think I may have spent some time with him in detention once.

After all, aren’t Neanderthal men and women already there behind those sealed off glass viewing windows in museums! Do ya think

"Comon' Gnork.....supper's almost ready...it's barbecued Gingrich."

when they were roaming around the countryside eons ago they might have thought the same thing?  Well, um, perhaps they didn’t think they’d wind up in a zoo because, as far as I can tell, there were actually no zoos. I could be mistaken.

The point here is that it takes gazillions of dollars to run for any political office.  Food, gas, and basic living expenses are off the freakin’ wall. Medical expenses are the same, unless you have a really good insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or band aids depending just how severe your medical condition is. And, for the most part, all those shady clauses in insurance programs disqualify you for certain procedures.  Like transgender surgery as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

Not that I’m interested in transgender surgery mind you, although I’ve often thought about what it would be like to be a male who’s companion constantly says, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache,” as I wrote yesterday, and decide to have a sex change just so I can get some sex…….(hmmmm, is it weird to feel yourself up if you’ve had a sex change?)

Sorry, got off the beaten path there for a moment.

Anyhow, you’ve all heard the term kicked around for some time now called….”class warfare” which basically means that we’re heading towards a conflict of major proportions between the wealthy, middle class and the poor.  I don’t know if the end result will mean that we middle class and poor people will have to form our own army if there’s gonna be warfare and duke it out with the wealthy.

Years from now in a local zoo the poor and middle class will be on display.

“Mommy…..mommy….what’s that?”

“Oh honey, that’s a poor person sitting next to a middle class person in their living room watching television from years ago before the wealthy took over the land.”

“Gosh mommy, they sure look scary. I think I may have even seen one in a horror movie last week. I think it was a show called “The Kardashians” or something.  It was really a scary show.”

“I know sweetie, but don’t fret. There’s no more of those kind of people around anymore except here in the zoo.”

If it eventually turns out that “class warfare” does take hold of our everyday lives, we need to start preparing for the inevitable now by only voting for middle class and poor people who are running for political office.

Um….WAIT!  There are no poor and middle class people running for office.

(sigh)  I think we’re screwed folks.

Hmmmmm.   The only other solution is for all of us to mass together, find a distant remote island, move there, and start all over again…..cave man style.

Since this was MY idea, I obviously should be the one wielding the huge club. The rest of you can have spears with which to hunt animals.  Everyone will be on an equal basis with no poor, middle class or wealthy status dividing us.

Unless you all object to me being the only one with the huge club. Which might place me a bit higher in the status margin area than the rest of you.

Hmmmmm………geez…..there’s simply no way we can get over this class warfare thing is there?

Oh well……back to the drawing board.

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