My Season Ending Red Sox/Tampa/Yankees “WTF” Blog

I usually don’t like to write about specific teams because this daily blog travels throughout the land and beyond. Usually three miles from where I’m based. BUT…..I decided to go ahead and write about the final days of the season due to my complete frustration with the Boston Red Sox. Not that this isn’t any different from all of the other years (exception 2004 and 2007) that I’ve been completely frustrated with the Sox. It’s a sickness folks.

It’s this way for the most part. If you were born and raised in New England, (Connecticut the exception) you are a dyed in the wool Red Sox fan.  I exclude Connecticut because most people in that state have no idea where they fit in. On the one hand, parts of Ct. are so close to New York they should be annexed. On the other hand parts border Massachusetts and they are extremely torn as to whether they should be Yankee fans and go with a sure winner, or be Boston fans and suffer the pain of being one and being from Connecticut.  The only safe Connecticut fans are those who are close to the Rhode Island border. This is only due to the fact that they tend to shop in R.I., which is close to Massachusetts, so they tend to feel kind of guilty supporting the Yankees.

There are some stray Yankee fans in all three of these states, but for the most part, depending on where they are located,  keep a very low profile lest they be hauled off by us dyed in the wool fans and tarred and feathered. On occasion I DO spot a Yankee baseball cap in R.I. and Mass, but, sensing the presence of a Red Sox fan, the wearer immediately turns the hat inside out thereby displaying a Red Sox logo. Many a life has been spared by that tactic. This also holds true for any Red Sox fan visiting New York.

All this said, you can understand the rivalry between Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. Unfortunately I live in a part of Connecticut that is split between the two teams.  In fact, my local daily newspaper, which my other half reads faithfully, is a Yankee paper. I have to drive three miles to pick up a Rhode Island paper so that I do not have to be subjected to the obvious slanted blasphemous reporting in her paper by their sportswriter, who is a Yankee fan. I force her to read my sports section after she’s read hers just to keep her on the straight and narrow. A  subtle form of brainwashing.

Now the dilemma sports fans.  I’ll be the first Red Sox fan to admit that the team sucks this year.  In fact, “sucks” may be too kind.  But, for lack of another suitable word, most of which are unprintable, I’ll stick with “sucks.” The dilemma is that as much as I love the Sox, I don’t think they belong in the post season. Why? Because they…as I said….”SUCK.”  I’m willing to admit that openly and freely. So sue me! I just don’t feel comfortable with the Sox going into the playoffs and making complete fools of themselves. As well as having me drag out my 1,000 word dictionary of how to use the “F” word in all my sentences relating to the Red Sox season.

No pitching, no hitting, (Ellsbury the exception) and the “DUH” factor.  The “DUH” factor being that no one on that team from the tarp roller outters to the head man, John Henry, apparently have no freakin’ clue…….about ANYTHING! For instance.  Tim Wakefield was ok in his day.  But….would you put him out there in the post season. NO!  Why, because his ball is so unpredictable even he doesn’t know where the hell it’s going. His pitch speed is sooooo slow a batter could autograph the ball on its path to the plate before he swings at it. Lackey is lackless. Buchholtz looks like a good gust of wind could blow him over on the mound. Lester gets better once he gets out of the first inning, after he’s given up six or seven runs. Beckett is the opposite of Lester. Holds hitters till the 5th or 6th inning then gives it up cause apparently he feels sorry for them not getting any hits. The rest of the pitching staff is touch and go.  Aceves and Atchison being the exceptions…but they’re not starters. Just messer-cleaner-uppers.

So, do I want to see them in the post season. NO!  But it’s kind of a double-edged sword….which I’ve cut myself on a number of times. I think Tampa deserves to be in the post season over the Sox.  They came from 9 behind and kicked our RS butts.  The Yankees…..well, all I can say about the Yanks is !!$#@!!!&^%$#@!#$!! Sorry Yankees fans……actually I’m not.

Of course I’m going to root for the Tampa Bay Rays if they clinch the division wild card.  (they did as of this posting) If they face the Yankees, obviously I’m going to put a MisfitWisdom hex of giant proportions on the Yankees. I already have my tools. Eye of Newt, (not Gingrich) Dragons Blood Resin, and the ultimate Italian curse, the “your mother wears combat boots,” (uttered in Italian) which puts a curse on all Yankee players so that they have trouble running the bases. (combat boot effect)

So, officially the Red Sox season is now over.  Papelebon, our ace closer blew it along with Carl Crawford with two outs in the ninth inning. A perfect ending to a miserable embarrassing season.

So……my season ending WTF blog. Sox fans, lick your wounds, once again, and think about next year. It’s all over.

NOW I can go back to reading my other half’s sports section and not have to worry about that Yankee sports writer.

A small consolation for a losing season.

(UPDATE) One final thought for you Red Sox fans. Will someone, ANYONE, explain to me why the Orioles felt it necessary to run out on the field after they won the game and jump around like a bunch of Mexican jumping beans as if they had just made the playoffs….WTF!!!!

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1 Response to My Season Ending Red Sox/Tampa/Yankees “WTF” Blog

  1. Doc says:

    Be a part of the ongoing lawsuit against the Red Sox for the “intentional infliction of emotional distress” (3,578,299,001 litigants so far since 2004). Expected damages to be awarded are approx. $1 for every game lost in the season for which you a) either attended; or b) watched in full on tv (cable only). No proof necessary. In addition, the Yankees may be joined as a co-litigant with the Red Sox for a) surreptitious handling of its players to ensure Sox loss; b) payoffs to umpires; c) too much money outspending the Sox; and d) intentional infliction of emotional distress. This may well go all the way to the Supreme Court. Just sign up…. (CAUTION: this website may be pulled down due to heavy use).

    At least I know that Red Sox ball-caps outsold Yankees ball-caps by a margin of 4:1–and the Sox caps cost more! (Yankee caps still available…)


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