Where’s The #!%$#@!! BEEF!!!!

Remember that old advertising line?  Well, um….it really didn’t go like, “Where’s The #!%$@!! Beef” but more like simply, “Where’s The Beef.”  I added my usual #!%$#@!! just to liven it up a bit.  It really gets their attention if you use colorful words while you’re ordering a hamburger and you can’t find the beef when you get it.  Works a lot better than simply saying…WTF!!

Anyhow, Wendy’s is bringing back their old popular advertising campaign that ran some 27 years ago at which time Clara Peller walked into a hamburger place, ordered a hamburger, and upon receiving such hamburger, noticed that she couldn’t really see any meat, so yelled out, “Where’s The Beef?”

Where's the %$#@!! beef!!!!

The ad campaign was quite successful for Wendy’s so they decided to bring it back to promote their single, double and triple burgers.  Wendy, the little red-haired girl pictured in their logo is the daughter of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas and is no longer a little girl.  She’s now fifty and I assume no longer a redhead.  Although I could be wrong. I based this on the number of orangey red-haired 50 to 80-year-old women I see at a local casino when I’m there.

The new ad which will begin airing next Monday has Reid Ewing of “Modern Family” wearing a “Where’s The Beef” retro t-shirt that he bought but has no idea what the phrase means until he comes upon a Wendy’s and sees a sign that says, “Here’s The Beef.”

I’m surprised that no other establishment attempted to capitalize on that phrase considering its been so long since anyone used it.  Like perhaps those houses of ill repute in Nevada. (ya have to think about that one)

I’m sure most of you have noticed that manufacturers have begun downsizing the contents of packages for some time now.  Their motto” “Less for more.” Take a look at a bottle of Coke and tell me if it’s filled up to the top.  Or a cereal box. There’s enough room at the top of a so-called full cereal box to conceal a fully loaded Uzi if you wanted to hide it. Same with pasta boxes. Open up a box of Ziti and you’ll swear someone already opened the box and had a nice dinner at your expense.  It’s that way with almost everything you buy these days.  As I just said, “more for less.”

Don’t EVEN get me going on “Cracker Jacks.”  When I was a kid eons ago the Cracker Jack boxes contained some really neat prizes.  Laser guns, miniature atomic bomb kits, naked photos of Marilyn Monroe…um…..well maybe not that stuff, but stuff that was really neat. Now all the prizes inside the box are basically just inane stuff taking up space so that they don’t have to fill up the box with cracker jacks. WTF!!

So hats off to Wendy’s for bringing back the “Where’s The Beef” ad campaign. Let’s just hope the beef is there and they haven’t cut back as well.

Otherwise it’s only going to be, “Where’s The Beef” but, my beef is that your beef is not the beef that you said would be in my beef hamburger so THAT’s my beef.

I attempted to look up the phrase, “What’s Your Beef” to no avail. There were so many explanations that I gave up.  The only thing I can come up with is that centuries ago some guy must have crossbred cows in an attempt to create a super cow and somehow it came out looking like Frankencow. So when he took it to market, confused butchers looked at it in amazement and said to the farmer, “What’s Your Beef?”

I know, it’s kinda lame but what the heck do ya want for nothing. It’s not like I get paid for writing this stuff ya know.

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