A Quiet Sunday……Almost

Ah….a nice quiet Sunday and here I am once again relaxing in front of this computer with absolutely nothing earth shattering to comment about or anything to do.  Love these days.


Oh, sorry, it was really nothing. Just some story about Pakistan telling the U.S. to basically shove it if we keep accusing them of aiding the enemy.  You might recall the story this past week that said that Pakistan Intelligence agencies were warning insurgents of impending drone attacks after the U.S. called Pakistan to tell them that they were going to launch such an attack.

This is almost the same scenario that took place when the British were in Massachusetts and Paul Revere warned them on his famous ride not to attack the colonists because he was on his way to tell the colonists that the British were coming.  (Reference: S. Palin)

Ya see, it’s like this. Pakistan gets somewhere in the vicinity of $3 million dollars in aid from the U.S. In turn, Pakistan intelligence agencies take that $3 million and spend it whatever they want to spend it on.  Who gives a rats ass. It’s free money.  Then, just to show us how much they love us for giving them all that free cash, stick it up our butts by warning our enemies that we’re gonna launch a drone air attack on them.  Then, tells us, “Hey…if ya keep accusing us of warning the enemy, we’re gonna tell you to shove it and not be your friends anymore.”

Note to Pakistan:  Does this mean that we can keep our $3 million dollars?

Pakistan: “Oops, sorry, we were only kidding. Heh Heh.”


That satellite that everyone was fretting about finally fell into the ocean yesterday and no one, as far as I can tell, was injured.  I did however have a panic moment when I went out into my backyard late yesterday afternoon to feed the squirrels and felt something bop off of my head.  Turns out it was only an acorn. I tend to panic very easily.

If you were one of those people who were planning to attend the six-century-old Beijing, China dog-eating festival, you might want to cancel your airline reservations. The event has been cancelled due to animal rights activists protesting the event. The problem facing Chinese officials now is what to do with the 5,000 to 10,000 dogs that were brought in for the festival. The bright side of this is that sales of pooper-scoopers has nearly tripled.


In the, “geez why the hell did you report this story” section. In Westminster, California a really pissed off housewife, and I mean REALLY pissed off, cut off her husband’s doo-dad while he was sleeping. She fed him a spiked Tofu dinner, tied his hands and feet to the bed after he fell asleep and then did the whack job.  (ouch)  THEN….ran the member through the garbage disposal.  I’m quivering right now just writing this.

Anyone remember Lorena Bobbit? (cartoon thnx: http://www.lifeisajoke.com)

NOTE:  If your spouse all of a sudden serves you a Tofu dinner, seems overly nice to you, and suggests you take a nap, DON’T.  Oh yeah, might wanna unplug the garbage disposal unit while you’re at it.

Great Twitter Site: Rickperryfacts@rickperrryfacts has some great Rick perry one liners. For instance:

“Once Rick Perry’s car ran out of gas. After he pistol whipped it for ten minutes, it started up. He’s never had to fill his tank since.”

“Chuck Norris meets Rick Perry in a bar. Chuck: I slept with my wife before marriage. You?”  Perry: “I dunno, what’s her maiden name?”

Again we might have to deal with the threat of a government shutdown. Another one of those showdowns at the “OK Corral” moments.  I’m really getting tired of all this political infighting. I say, give em all six shooters and let them go at it once and for all. Now that’s one reality show I’d definitely watch.

“OK Newt…..reach for the sky you varmint!”

“Hold on there Senator Reid.  You’re not legally able to draw on me considerin’ the rules in the Constitution state that ya hafta be at least 20 paces before you can ask me to draw!”

“Oh…sorry Newt…..1, 2, 3, 4, 5……….”


“Agghhhhh…..what the hell’s with that Newt? I wasn’t even at 20 paces yet!”

“Sorry Harry….we changed the rules when you went to the bathroom…heh heh.”

Finally, we all know that we have to deal with another eight months or so before the 2012 elections.  Way too long to put up with all the bull***t that’s going to be slung from now till then. Including those mindless debates. What still amazes me is how all the candidates in the Republican debates are all dissing one another until it’s, “last man standing.”  Then, when all is said and done, they’re all friends once again.  And, the standard-bearer might even pick one of his debate opponents to be his running mate.

“Mitt, yer nothin’ but a low down slime ball dyed in the wool Massachusetts ex has been Governator.”

“Oh yeah, well let me tell you this Rick, yer nothin’ but a sleazy unbranded steer whose mother was a damn bull from Mexico.”

“Soooo………we in agreement…if you lose I make you my running mate and if I lose I’ll be yours?”

“Sure, noooo problem.”

So, like I said. A nice peaceful quiet Sunday. Not really much going on. It sure is nice to have a quiet day to just relax and not have to worry about a thing.


“Yeah what is it honey?’

“Are you done writing your blog?”


“I need you to fix a leak in the washing machine, feed the cats, clean out the litter box, help me with vacuuming, go outside and pick up another dead animal down in the driveway, fill up the bird feeder, help me make the bed, run to the store before it rains again and empty the trash bin in the kitchen. Oh, by the way, we’re having Tofu for dinner.”

Oh Oh……..

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1 Response to A Quiet Sunday……Almost

  1. Doc says:

    At least I don’t have to worry…

    if she did that to me, she would need a “REALLY BIG” garbage disposal, and they don’t make them that large (but she recently did go to the local hardware store to purchase a wood chipper…hmmm)

    Grow a pair-ingly

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