Rep. John Fleming: “How Do ya Expect Me To Feed My Family On $400 Thousand?

Gawd…I’ve been so selfish.  I didn’t realize that Rep. John Fleming (R)

MW couldn't locate any recent photos of Rep. John Fleming but we're told he closely resembles the person pictured above.....whoever he is.

Louisiana only had a mere four hundred thousand dollars left out of his income of over six million with which to feed his entire family. And here I am inserting my “donate” button at the bottom of each of my blogs because I only make $24 thousand a year. (combined household income) How damn selfish of me. I feel sooooooo ashamed. (sniff…..wiping away tears)

Fleming owns a string of Subway sandwich shops as well as a UPS store franchise that earned him $63 million last year.  Hardly enough to survive on these days. Not to mention whatever salary he makes as a Rep….($174,000) which is a pittance in comparison to what he makes owning those franchises.

Fleming was kinda upset at Obama calling for higher taxes on the wealthy and fired back by saying, “by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400 thousand left to invest in my business.”

Ah feel his pain folks.  I think I know how John must feel.  To only have $400 thousand dollars left and try to feed my other half, my five cats and still be able to invest in a lottery ticket.  I just wouldn’t be able to make ends meet.

Actually, I have no freakin’ idea how it feels to have $400 thousand dollars. I actually have no idea how if feels to have $1,000 dollars either.  Sometimes, (a lot) I have no idea what it’s like to have ANY dollars….except for the ones in my wallet.  Yeah Capitol One….THAT’s what’s in my wallet….ones.  Try feeding your family on THAT Fleming!

I know, I know, all of you wealthy people out there reading this think I’m being unfair to Mr. Fleming.  He earned his money by investing in Subway and UPS franchises and by running for Congress, so why should he have to share any of his earnings by paying higher taxes.

Good point!

Um…..maybe because the rest of us low-class everyday type vermin slugs who also have just one dollar bills in their wallets at the end of the month contribute their fair share even though they can’t afford it. My thoughts anyhow….feel free to chime in and call me foolish. Doesn’t cost ya anything to dispute my theory. Unless, of course, you want to donate to MisfitWisdom.  Like that’s gonna happen.

Undoubtedly you’ve seen how Washington and lawmakers spend our tax dollars with the recent revelation that the U.S. Justice Dept. paid $16 dollars for muffins(1) and $8 for a cup of coffee at a recent gathering. WHAT!!  Don’t any of them get damn senior discounts for cripes sakes?

Most of you will recall that Massachusetts Senator John Kerry had a reality brain fart when it came to spending money windsurfing of Nantucket in 2004, ($$$) or Newt (who me) Gingrich’s spending spree at Tiffany’s that went into six figures this year.  (I’m not talking about figures, as in women, although that does seem to get Newt’s attention)

The bottom line here is that I, for one, think the wealthy should contribute their share when it comes to taxes.  Yes, I feel badly that Mr. Fleming might not be able to survive on a paltry $400 thousand with which to feed his own family, but, I’m willing to have him over during those rough times to share a dog or two on the grill or perhaps a bowl of porridge along with some bread and water.  (we have to stretch our dollars here)

I personally would like to see what a $16 dollar Department of Justice muffin looks like. If it’s as big as I can imagine it would be I might be able to feed my family for an entire week.

Problem is, if it’s THAT big, I might have to have UPS deliver it in a crate which would then contribute to Rep. Fleming’s franchise so I’d be defeating my own purpose.

Contributing more to a wealthy person.

You know what I mean. Fleming only has $400 thousand left from his $6 million so if I ordered one of those huge muffins at $16 dollars and it cost me say $10 to have it shipped to me via UPS, that’s $26 dollars more in Fleming’s pocket so he winds up having $400 thousand and $26 dollars.

Hmmmm.  Think I’ll just settle for my senior discount at Dunkin Donuts.

(DONATE) The PayPal donate link is below. (no connection to any Congressional member or Federal Agency) If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site where you can make any type of donation that you wish.  Muffins, coffee, porridge, a one dollar bill….whatever!

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