So Ya Think “Planet Of The Apes” Is Fiction?

Remember that famous last scene in one of the “Planet of the Apes” movies

Photo of my new condo in the year 2052

"Robertson, damn look what you've done!"

starring Charlton Heston where he’s riding on a horse with his girlfriend…..well, I assume it was his girlfriend considering all of the other women on the planet were mostly fur covered apes which may not have been a turn on for Heston.

Anyhow….in that scene Heston gazes at the top half of the Statue of Liberty as it protrudes out of the beach sand and realizes that he can never go back to wherever it is he came from, probably Brooklyn, because the earth was destroyed by humans and now is inhabited by apes. Great movie ending.

The problem with that ending is that I think it actually might be happening. I for one am stocking up on bananas jussssst in case.  If apes are gonna take over the planet, I for one am going to be prepared.

Now I’m basing my theory on the fact that as humans we are beginning to show signs of evolving backwards rather than forward.  Those of you who  believe in evolution might want to keep an eye on developments thereby having an upper hand in publishing a book on how we all reverted back to apes when the apes actually take over. Again….be prepared.

Here’s some signs for those of you who have your doubts.

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson told his “700 Club” viewers that divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s is justifiable because the disease is “a kind of death.”

I’m assuming that Robertson got this info directly from the head office, (Heaven) in a memo. I think that same memo has been around for some time and Pat got it kinda late.  Newt Gingrich and Lance Armstrong had their hands on it long before Pat got it. Newt having dumped one of his wives who had cancer and Lance dumping Sheryl Crow for the same reason. Think Pat needs a new fax machine.

Being that most apes do not have the intellectual minds as us humans, (yet) it’s completely understandable that apes would obviously follow Pat’s directive and dump their spouses if they had Alzheimer’s, with Pat’s blessings, and feel no remorse whatsoever. So this means that Pat, knowing full well that apes are eventually going to take over the planet, made that statement to the ape population so that he could have an “in” with them when the takeover happens.

I don’t think Pat would have said that to anyone who’s actually human and has any feelings for other humans, especially their spouses.  Excluding of course ol Newt and Lance, who, might also have inside knowledge of the ape takeover.

If Pat actually believes that it’s ok to dump your spouse if they suffer from Alzheimer’s and every member of his “700 Club” (which  has 700 members….I think) follows his philosophy, or memo from God, what’s next?

Perhaps giving the deep six to any spouse that has ANY “kind of death” affliction. Seems logical to me….and perhaps ol Pat.  Why not go for the big absolution enchilada. Pass out the bananas at each “700 Club” meeting while you’re at it.  Might as well get a head start on the ape takeover with a table full of banana condiments. Can’t hurt.

So ya see…….we’re reverting back to a “Planet of the Apes.”  Just let one guy with a so-called connection to “GOD” say that it’s ok to do something that most of us with any sort of compassion wouldn’t do, then a bunch of people are gonna think, “Hey…if Pat sez it’s ok….I’m going for it.”

So I see our future, and Earth, as Charlton Heston saw it in the movie in that final scene. The Statue of Liberty sticking out of the ground surrounded by the ocean and beach sand.

I for one am going to be prepared.  Not only with my stock of bananas, but by negotiating a deal with the people who own the Statue of Liberty to rent out the torch part of the statue so that I can convert it to a private condo.

Seems to me that when the apes finally take over that’s going to be the only thing left of what we once had as a civilization.  Thanks Pat.

Banana anyone?

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