Conspiracy Theory: Rick Perry is George W. Bush’s Clone

George W. Bush who looks suspiciously similar to Rick Perry.

OMG!!! I think I’ve discovered something earth shattering. This is way larger

Rick Perry, who is actually a clone of George W. Bush

than UFO’s or who was on the Grassy Knoll. I’ve uncovered something that is gonna shake the very foundation of the next Presidential election.

Here it is folks. You heard it here first. Texass Governor Rick Perry and former Texass Governor and former President George W. Bush are one in the same. After leaving office, with full knowledge that he would not be able to run again for President, “W” had himself cloned and named his clone Rick Perry.  He even got him his old job, governor of Texass.

Ya think I’m kidding here? No way. Look at the facts.  Look at these photos—->

Note the flag behind both of these guys. Both are wearing red ties. Both are smiling that Texass big ass grin smile. Both are showing off their teeth. Both are wearing dark suits. What more proof do ya need? Dick Cheney standing in the background with a damn hunting rifle?

I’m tellin’ ya it’s “W”s clone!!!

Still need more proof?  Ok……both walk like Texassns, have a Texass accent, were and are governors of Texass, wear cowboy boots and cowboy belts, and have close relationships with farm animals. Mostly horses and cows. Don’t ya think that’s rather strange.  Way too much coincidence as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a damn freakin’ plot to have George W. Bush back in office again via his clone. On top of that my naive friends, isn’t it strange that former Vice President Dick Cheney comes out with a book on Bush and the Presidency just before the 2012 elections.  Why you ask is it strange?  Because he wants to remind us all how wonderful it was during the eight years that “W” was President.

Remember……flowers and birds singing.  Little children laughing and frolicking.  Everybody loved one another.  Peace and tranquility abounded, even on talk radio.  All we ever had to worry about was if Al Gore really invented the Internet and filmmaker Michael Moore. How wonderful life was back then. Geez….don’t ya miss “W” already. (sniff)

Fear not folks.  Rick (Bush’s clone) Perry is here to bring us back to those wonderful days of yore.  He’s going to create all kinds of jobs, stop all those damn freeloaders from entitlements that are on Social Security, Medicare and welfare. Damn SOB’s.  Maybe even end both wars that we’re in, close Guantanamo and even cut a deal with some record company to release a version of him singing, “Kum-ba-yah.” Maybe “W” has some ins with a record company so that they could recordificate it.

I’m tellin ya, it’s “W”s clone.  He’s gonna be our next President….mark my word.  Everyone West of the ol Mississippi is gonna vote for him because, as we all know, anyone’s vote East of the Mississippi’s does not count. Actually if we were to chop off the East coast and part of the West coast we wouldn’t even need to have an election because as, again, we all know, the Central part of the U.S. has already anointed Rick Perry.

Hell, even the media has anointed him.  Who’s getting the most attention on the air waves folks. Yep….Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.  All of the other candidates do not exist.  Ron Paul who came in second in the Iowa straw poll has been officially classified as a UFO. Michelle Bachmann and publicity hound Sarah Palin should just call it quits and form a rock group. Perhaps called, “The Bachmann Palin Overdrive.”   Catchy don’t ya think.

Ok, so we now know that Rick perry IS a clone of “W”.  I’ve just blown this story wide open.  The only solution for the other side of the political aisle is to clone Bill Clinton before the 2012 elections and have Clinton’s clone run against the Perry clone.

For those of you who miss Dick Cheney and want him cloned as well, forget it. The National Rifle Association has already destroyed all clone cells from Cheney.  They don’t want another episode of Cheney running around rampant shooting innocent bystanders on hunting trips.  Not good for their image.

So how bad can a Perry/Clinton clone Presidential election be?

Not bad at all folks.  On the one hand you have “W”s clone for eight years giving us all the same of what “W” shoved up our butts for his eight years and a great source of comedy for comedians.  On the other hand, you have Bubba for eight years ending the deficit and introducing us to more aspiring interns perhaps even resurrecting the careers of Linda Tripp and Paula Jones.

Your choice folks.

I’m personally going to head out and find someone to clone me.  Not because I wanna run for office, wear cowboy boots, hang around with farm animals, jump some interns bones, or learn to play the sex….um…I mean sax. Nope.

I just wanna be around to see all of this for another eight years so that I can write more stuff about politics in this blog.

Although being cloned does have other advantages as well.

Means that, as a clone, I get another chance at scoring with Christina Hendricks or Marg Helgenberger…………providing that they get cloned as well.

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