Is Ron Paul A Figment Of Our Imagination?

I like to think of myself as an independent minded voter.  This simply means

Supposedly a photograph of Ron Paul, which I personally have my doubts about considering that he obviously is a figment of our imagination. This most likely is an old photo of Frank Perdue.

that I like to make my choices based on what a candidate has to offer rather than what his or her political party affiliation is.  Unless it’s a stag party, in which case, if there’s a chance a naked woman might jump out of a cake, then that would be the clear choice for me.

Hmmmmmm…….now there’s a great idea for a new political party. “The Stag Party.”   Might not get a lot of votes but we’d all sure have one hell of a time at their political fund-raisers.

Anyhow, I just happened to come across an article about Presidential candidate Ron Paul.  Now, having an open mind about all candidates, with two exceptions, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, who have no minds at all, I decided to read up on Mr. Paul.

I carefully looked at his proposals and his demeanor on the campaign trail. His demeanor being that he does not engage in mud-slinging the other candidates but uses logic to get his point across.  Which is why no one is paying any attention to him.  In today’s “virtual live TV type reality show politics” ya have to sling mud, or in most other candidates cases, “crap” to get any attention.

I, for one, tend to avoid the “crap” because it’s what it is….”crap.” Being the totally illogical person that I am, I tend to listen to any candidate that says illogical things like, how we’re going to end the two wars we’re in, how to clear up the deficit, cut spending, protect Social Security and Medicare and all of the rest of that totally useless stuff that Paul talks about but that the others just spew out…yep…..”crap.”

So what exactly does Paul say?

Well, for instance, and you obviously may respectively disagree with these statements, here’s a few quotes courtesy of “Time”…..because I usually don’t have the “time” to actually do the research myself. I let “Time” do it for me. Besides, they get paid for doing that stuff, and I don’t. Hey…fair is fair ya know.

We’ve all heard of “pork barrel” programs that almost every congressman inserts into congressional legislation proposals to get money for their home states. Like that famous, “bridge to nowhere.”  Paul, although he represents a rural coastal district, voted against farm subsidies and flood insurance and has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget.

Do ya think perhaps this man actually has a ….(gasp)….brain? OMG!!!

He opposed congressional medals, (those things they like to hand out because they like doing that after watching the Wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” do it) to Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan, Pope John II, and Mother Teresa as well as aid for Hurricane Katrina victims, all on the grounds that Congress has no business meddling in such matters.

Can anyone say, “geez….has this guy got a set of balls or what?”

He doesn’t support abortion or gay marriage but believes that those issues should be left up to the individual states. OMG!….what a concept!  Ya mean states would be able to decide what the hell they want to decide?  OMG!!!

Here’s one I really like if you’re into what the U.S. Constitution stands for. Paul says that you should accept parts of the Constitution that you might not like, whether it’s your neighbor’s right to shoot heroin or gamble away his paycheck.  WHY?  As he so eloquently puts it: “You can take your life and be very productive, or you can be destructive, but you can’t meddle in other people’s lives.”

WHAT!  The government meddles in our lives?  I find that very hard to believe.  OH WAIT!  I might be wrong there.  I think I got meddled a few months ago by the government when they said I couldn’t have any more trans fats in my Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.  Damn bastards.

Hmmmm…..have ya noticed that Dunkin Donuts jelly sticks don’t quite taste the same as they did before too?

RON…..HELP!!!  They’re meddling with my freakin’ Mexican Pizzas and jelly sticks!!!!

Finally with regard to Ron being the non candidate because no one is paying any attention to him, except Mrs. Paul, sometimes, he doesn’t necessarily agree that the government should have locked up Bradley Manning the Army private who is imprisoned for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks.

Paul’s comments: “They tried to throw Daniel Ellsberg in jail too.”  Ellsberg, for those of you history brain-dead individuals released the “Pentagon Papers” 40 years ago which is similar to what Wikileaks is doing today.

All in all there ya have it about what appears to be a figment of our imagination…..Ron Paul.  Incidentally, a Gallup poll taken in late August showed him running nearly even with President Obama in a hypothetical matchup.  Not bad for a guy that doesn’t exist.

The problem with today’s voters is that a majority of them do not read about all of the candidates or bother to do any of their own research. Most voters are infatuated with what Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann wears.  Or how great looking Rick Perry and Mitt Romney look preaching from a bale of hay in Iowa. Or how repentant ol Newt Gingrich is about screwing around on his ex-wives and has now seen the light.

What any of these candidates is going to do to solve our problems is secondary.  Ask any of them just exactly how their going to do it. Don’t you think that if the present administration could do it, they would rather than lose the election in 2012?  Think about it folks.

But no one pays attention. No one bothers to do research.  Which again, is the major reason I’m voting for “NO ONE” on my 2012 ballot.

Food for thought when it comes to reading and doing research:

When the Warren Commission released their findings on the Kennedy assassination back in 64 there were 36 volumes of information. Someone asked Allen Dulles, (former CIA director) if the public, upon reading all of that information, might conclude there was a conspiracy involved in the President’s assassination.

His reply:  “No…..because no one bothers to read anymore.”

Henceforth why Ron Paul is a non candidate because he doesn’t exist and why the next President will be a “reality show event election.”

“Yeah, ya got my vote podner….ah like them thar cowboy boots yer wearin’.”

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