Cattle Rustling……The Latest CSI Investigation.

Now who would have thought that cattle rustling was still going on in this day and age.  Bank robberies and stuff I can see, but cattle rustling? But it’s true.

In Lubbock, Texas some guy who’s been rustling cattle for years was finally caught and was sentenced to 99 years in prison for swindling those bovines.

More than likely he swindled bovines that were elderly using some sort of Ponzi scheme. Maybe even a Fonzi scheme.You all know how elderly bovines get swindled very easily by some smooth talking guy from Texas sporting a Stetson, some pearl handled six shooters, alligator cowboy boots and drinking a big foamy glass of milk straight from the bottle.

WAIT!!!  That’s not Rick perry is it?

(checking article)

Whew…nope, it’s not Rick Perry. The guy was identified as 44-year-old Carl Wade Curry. CSI detected traces of milk all over his clothes which also contained grass stains.  Book em Horatio.

He’s been accused of stealing 400 head of cattle worth more than $200,000 by using a fake name and cattle company by ordering the cows and having them shipped to Texas and then never paying for them.

Not like the old days when ya just rode up on your horse, roped in them thar bovines and shuttled them off to your ranch, branded them with your own brand and made a fortune selling them off.  Rustling just isn’t what it used to be these days. More than likely he used a computer to make the transaction which brings rustling cows to a new level.

Boy I sure do miss the old days when cattle rustlers were easily apprehended by Roy Rogers,  Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy. Where have all the cowboys gone?

Oops….I think I just mentioned a 1997 hit song by Paula Cole.

Well, yippee kiy yii yea podner. Next time someone wants to buy some cows off of you better check first to see what’s in their wallet.  Or their credit card balance.

That’s it folks…..time to be moooooving along.


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I tell ya it's true Lillian. They actually caught up with that guy who kidnapped Elsie years ago and forced her to work for the Borden Company.

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