Plastic Surgery For Dogs and Cats. Holy Friskies!!!

Ok, now I know today’s society is getting really weird.  Plastic surgery for

Sooooo, how do ya like my new dentures?

animals. Gimmie a break here. I can’t even afford plastic surgery for myself yet there are people out there getting their animals implants. HONEST!

Wait till Heidi Montag hears this one!

According to a new survey, pet owners are opting to have their cats and dogs injected with Botox to get wrinkles out, fitting their animal friends with braces, and getting eyelid lifts and nose jobs.

You’d think these cats and dogs were going into the witness protection program for cripes sake.  Who the hell has this kinda money to go around getting nose jobs and all that other stuff for their pets.  Oops…..I forgot….Heidi Montag for one.

Hey, if you’re gonna have a boob job, might as well make it a two for one deal… and your pet.

Think I’m making this stuff up.  No way.  In fact, some pet owners are having Rover implanted with “neuticals.”  I know, you have no idea what neuticals are. If you do, you’re really scaring the hell out of the rest of us.

Neuticals, are bean-shaped silicone implants that replace the testicles of neutered dogs.  (I looked it up so don’t even think I was one of the ones who knew what the hell it was)

Wanna know how many pet owners so far have had this done.

425,000.  that’s how many.  425,000 verrrry weird people out there.

When the survey asked those pet owners why they would have that procedure done, the answer they received the most was, “for vanity reasons.”

Dogs and cats worry about vanity? Are we talkin’ about the same dogs and cats that run around smelling each others butts, eat disgusting things they find, barf all over the place while you’re eating, and after doing all those things jump in your lap and lick your face?

Well, I suppose if they’re gonna do all of those things it wouldn’t be so bad of an experience for their owners considering they’ve had neutical implants, Botox injections, tummy tucks, nose jobs, braces and eyelid lifts.  Better to have a great looking dog or cat barf on ya than an ugly one.

All well and fine if all of those people getting surgical procedures for their animals opt to do so. It’s their money.  BUT……if I so much as see one dog or cat prancing around my neighborhood with a boob job, that’s it!  I’m cancelling my subscription to “Cat Fancy Magazine” before the inevitable happens.

Nude animal centerfolds.

(DONATE) The PayPal donate link is below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser then go to PayPal where you can donate, should you choose to do so. No donations will be used to have any animal’s testicles replaced. Besides, if anyone’s testicles needed to be replaced, it would be mine and not my dogs.

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