PETA To Launch New X-Rated Website…..ARF!!!

Dancers from "Rick's Cabaret" posing for a PETA ad in support of their cause

When I first read the story that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was going to launch an X-rated website, I thought to myself…….WTF!……nobody’s gonna want to see naked animals. Other than other animals. The kind with fur….well, maybe some human animals.

Lot of strange people out there ya know.

But, upon further investigation, it turns out that PETA’s website really is going to be X-rated…..without showing naked animals, but naked people.

The theory behind this website is to lure people who like X-rated stuff to go to the website and see all there is to see, and then, el-zippo, you’re then taken to PETA’s message, which is how animals are mistreated. None of which, I assume, will be shown naked and being mistreated.  My guess anyhow.

Ashley Byrne, spokeswoman for PETA says:

“We are preparing to launch our own website, but instead of showing people our iconic ads, we will show them how animals suffer from entertainment.”

As a human, I can relate to what Ashley is saying.  There is much suffering in entertainment just watching commercials on TV alone and those annoying ads on rental DVDs. Such suffering, and, I’m not even an animal.

She goes on to say: “It is a way to get people to sit up and pay attention” stating that the site will show groups of hidden camera investigations of animal mistreatment.

The press release did not specifically indicate just what type of X-rated programming PETA will be showing, nor do I know what those naked dancers pictured above from Rick’s Cabaret have to do with animals other than a pack of animals stole their clothes while they were camping and they volunteered to be in the PETA ad.

Or….it could be that those women pictured in the ad are naked because they support not killing animals for their fur.  You know how most women like to wear leopard outfits. Sexy for women but not too good for the leopards.

No date has been set for the launching of PETA’s new X-rated website. However I will attempt to keep all animals informed of any new developments as well as a start date when it is announced.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other X-rated non animal websites you can go to get your jollies. Unfortunately none of these sites support animals but cater to animals of a different species. Human.

Not that there’s anything wrong with human animals visiting a X-rated website mind you.  However, if any of you have been visiting any of those sites on a regular basis and spot an actual animal being mistreated, or a woman wearing leopard clothing, you might want to report it to the people at PETA.

It’s the least we can do for our four, two, and crawly legged friends. Hmmmm……do centipedes with all those legs count too?

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