The Misfit Wisdom Ensemble

Part of my personal ensemble....the MisfitWisdom baseball cap.

Well, um….it’s an ensemble to me!  Which consists of a baseball cap, and several T-Shirts all of which obviously promote my daily blog and at the same time allow me to forego having to stand in front of my closet in an attempt to figure out what the hell to wear each day.

I actually  have three different design ensembles. The one to the right (baseball cap pictured)  shows my cluttered office. Well, um, I call it an office when in actuality it’s a spare bedroom that I share with 5 cats and my other half’s 500 pairs of shoes.

The other T-Shirts consist of the “Dilligara” header which you can see if you go to “” along with the “Rats Ass” logo which I tend to wear when I’m having an off day….which is quite frequently. No one  screws around with me if I’m wearing my rats ass T-Shirt and hat.

All of my shirts were designed by Chick Noreau of, who is a really great talented artist and cartoonist but obviously knows nothing about drawing noses. I mean, look what the hell he did with mine! There’s no way my nose is THAT big!  Chick….you’re a sick person.

(looking in the mirror)  Um……ok, ok, so maybe he’s a little on the mark, but…’re supposed to make me look good Chick…….at least in a freakin’ cartoon.  HEY…..Dagwood and Blondie never age, and both of them are in their 60’s………so what’s with that!!!

I’ve considered offering these T-Shirts to my blog readers but I need to know if there’s any interest out there first.  I mean, I’m not gonna have a gazillion shirts printed, offer them in my blog, and then, if my inventory doesn’t move, be relegated to wearing them myself for the rest of my life.  Besides, I really wouldn’t be “selling” them. I thought I’d give them away for a small donation to the MisfitWisdom cause. Make a donation, get a shirt of your choice.

So like, what’s the cause?  Cause it helps me maintain my flamboyant life style which consists of writing this blog every day, taking an afternoon snooze to re-charge my creative batteries, researching all of the days events after my snooze and finding the right story to enlighten all of you about, and then retiring to the sun room, which actually doesn’t get much sun, and relaxing in front of the tube to watch the Red Sox attempt to actually play baseball.

Ya see, all of this is very creative stuff, with the exception of the snoozing and baseball games.  Donations for creative work help me to keep up on supplies, mostly printer ink, paper, computer glitch repairs, cat nip and Fancy Feast. (I have a lot of cats hanging around when I write)

Now, that said, (mostly begging on my part) I’m depending on all of you to give me some feedback as to your interest in this great opportunity to stock up your wardrobe with MisfitWisdom accessories.  You can do so by leaving your comments in the comment section at the bottom of this blog. It’s the section that says, “comments.” Sorry, but I had to clarify that because many of my readers think “comments” is short for”condiments” or “condoms” which I’m not offering. At least at this point in time.

If there appears to be a lack of interest, I will scrap my plans to lease a factory complex on the outskirts of town which would manufacture these T-Shirts and employ about several thousand workers.

(that’s not true, but I thought it would gain me some sympathy)

If there IS interest, I’ll post photos of the wide array of MisfitWisdom products (3) in a future blog.

Until I receive responses, I’m not gonna sign a lease on that factory or hire anymore rats to pose for pictures for the T-Shirts.  The union representing rats refuses to cooperate until they get a signed contract guaranteeing them so much cheese compensation per hour along with any movie deals that might come up involving rats and rats asses. This also includes any offers from Hugh Hefner for any of the rats to appear in Playboy Magazine.

The rats union is really tough.

(DONATE) The PayPal donate link is below. Should you care to donate and the link is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site. Females, do not be afraid to go to the PayPal site as there are no actual rats or photographs of rats there.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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