The Art Of The “SPIN.”

If you’re thinking that today’s blog is about music, forget it!  It’s about spinning lies, rumors and misinformation in an attempt to promote your cause or mission. Kinda like the Alamo was actually a mission in Texas, except that “THAT” mission was actually a physical mission unlike the missions some people set out on and will do anything to accomplish their mission, whatever their mission is, which is different from the Alamo mission.

In that instance, the Mexicans, led by President General Antonio de Lopez Santa Anna, (Antny for short) launched an assault on the Alamo in 1836. The mission, not the Alamo mission but the actual mission of Antny was to quell an uprising at the Alamo. This is where James Bowie, Davy Crockett and John Wayne were done in by the Mexicans.

So, now that I’ve clarified what the word “mission” means, let’s proceed with the “spin” part.

Spin is when you say something to promote your cause, or mission, and hope that the masses buy into what you said and it helps to either get you elected to a political office or at least makes your opponent look bad so that you stand a better chance of getting elected. Or….as I’ve said a gazillion times already…..supports your mission.

For instance, does anybody remember the spin on “Death Panels” or “Weapons of Mass Destruction?”  None of which was true and factual information, yet, many people bought into it.  Um….I think that’s one of the reasons we’re still in a war or two. Can never have enough wars going ya know….good for the economy……and big corporations. Verrrry bad for the poor slugs who have to go over there and fight.

Let me put spin to you in a perspective that you might understand much better.

Let’s say I’m running for political office and my opponent has a slight lead in the polls. And, on top of that, he’s handsome, smart, has lots of money, and once posed for a magazine showing off his great abs.  Me, on the other hand, is kinda dorky looking, doesn’t have much cash, and the only magazine I ever posed for was National Geographic when they were doing a series on fossils.

So what chance do ya think I’d have of getting elected?  El Zippo!  Kinda like Ron Paul who came in second in the Iowa straw poll.  The invisible candidate.

BUT.  If I were to use the spin method, I’d be soaring in the polls and way ahead of my opponent.  All it takes is one simple itsy bitty juicy tidbit of a story that anyone can make up to zap it to the other guy and make everyone think he or she is a slime ball. AND…it doesn’t have to be true!!!  Just as long as you can get some people to believe it…..spread it around….and make it fact.

Why doesn’t it have to be true you say?

Ok…’s how ya do it.

Let’s say I were running against someone who had the edge.  But…I spread the rumor that I once saw this guy doing the limbo in a men’s restroom in an attempt to bypass the charge for using the stall by inserting a coin in the pay per use slot.  Not quite as dramatic as the Senator Larry Craig restroom incident, but still effective in today’s economy when we’re all scrimping to make ends meet and a candidate is obviously circumventing the pay per use system.

(I could have used a sex related incident involving a candidate and animals but I didn’t want to be crude…..although that works just as well….especially if it involves a sheep)

So I spread this story around and some people believe it, regardless if it’s true or not, while other people may not believe it. Doesn’t matter. Just as long as I can get some of the people to believe it.  Like “death panels” and “weapons of mass destruction.”

Those that believe it will vote for me, which gives me the advantage, and more votes.

So that’s how spin works.

For a real life example of spin, and a lot of obvious loony tunes who are just taking up space on earth, take a look at some of the postings on the Obama Bus Tour on a site called “Sodahead.”  Now this is a real good social media site, but, unfortunately, many people who post stuff about politics do not do their research, henceforth and forsooth, they do their own spinning and people believe what they post.

Although I have yet to see anything about Obama and sheep. Just his new bus, which is actually the Secret Services bus.

So that’s today’s lesson boys and girls.  The art of the spin.

Hey….did ya hear about Christine O’Donnell who walked off of the Piers Morgan show on CNN on Thursday?  Yep….she got all bent outta shape because Piers was asking her questions about masturbation and sheep. Um, maybe not sheep….I’m not sure. But go with it if you want to. I think it might have been about witchcraft and brooms and things…um….maybe not…but go with that one too if you want to.

Aw hell…..spin whatever the heck ya want.

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