Obama Takes A Vacation to Martha’s Vineyard….OMG!!!!

"George....are you sure we don't look stupid riding these things...and...um...OMG!!! George...WATCH OUT FOR BARBARA...OMG!!! OMG!!!....oops...toooooo late.

What exactly does Martha have on her Vineyard that seems to attract so many presidents?  Grapes, apples, peaches, WHAT?

President Obama will be vacationing there this month and everyone’s outraged that he dare take a vacation when the country is falling apart with all kinds of deficits, skyrocketing gasoline prices, and Canadian geese running rampant at school playgrounds looking for morsels to eat.  How dare he take a freakin’ vacation.

What the hell  is wrong with him?

Ronald Reagan only took 42 days of vacation time in 1981. George W. Bush only 77 days.  His dad, George H W Bush only took 40 days. Bill Clinton took 174 days and Jimmy Carter had the nerve to take 19 days of vacation time. So why is everyone upset that Obama is taking a vacation?


Not that all the other presidents spent money taking vacations mind you, but that Obama is taking a vacation at all. And it doesn’t matter that Obama is actually paying for his family’s rent while he’s on vacation to the tune of $25,000.

What’s ticking off critics is that taxpayers have to pay for all of the other stuff. Secret Service, communications, lodging for the president’s staff, food, and birdseed to feed those Canadian geese, lest he get a bad rap for not feeding Canadian geese and those people up there in Canada get all bent outta shape.

Presidential vacations always cost us taxpayers money.  It’s been going on since presidents realized that they could go on vacation and have us taxpayers pay for them to relax and enjoy the scenery while at the same time run the country from remote and exotic places.

Although, if I were president I’d be somewhere more exotic other than Martha’s Vineyard.  Like maybe Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Rio, or touring more interesting places that have somewhat of a historical interest like Lady Ga Ga’s bedroom, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie factory, and the place where you can actually stand in four states at the same time and possibly pull a bank job and evade the law by jumping from one state to another, and taking a look at the closet that Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky in.

Um….wait…..he actually did not have sex with that woman. Oh yeah, if I were president and I wanted to see that closet I guess I wouldn’t have to take a vacation. Just avoid Michelle catching me checking it out.

Presidential vacations have always been a hot topic for critics depending which political party is in office.  So I personally do not get upset when any president takes a vacation. If you do your research you’ll find every president has taken one and it’s cost us taxpayers lots of money.  In Obama’s case, it’s just the ol talking heads talking out of their heads again….or a lower part of their bodies.

After his vacation is over, they’ll be something else to whine about. It’s the nature of the beast….or office.  My thought….”DILLIGARA!”

So Mr. President, enjoy your stay at Martha’s Vineyard, Martha’s house, Martha’s backyard, Martha’s living room, Martha’s streets and bike paths, Martha’s tasty food offerings, Martha’s beautiful views of the ocean, and Martha’s hospitality.  I hear she’s really a very nice woman.

Might wanna leave her a few presidential bucks on the guest room pillow as a token of your appreciation.

(DONATE) The PayPal donate link is below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the PayPal site, or, Martha’s Vineyard. I’m not quite sure. In any case, if you wind up in Martha’s Vineyard instead of the PayPal site, you can leave a donation on a pillow too, which will be collected by the MisfitWisdom housekeeping staff.  Hey, we’re not making any bucks here so we have to moonlight.


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