Gloria Steinem Vs. New Playboy TV Show

No wonder she never gets any Easter eggs. You just can’t go around dissing bunnies and expect to get rewarded ya know.

Long time woman’s activist Gloria Steinem is in the news once again taking a stand against the new NBC series scheduled to air in September entitled, “The Playboy Club.”

For those of you old enough to remember, Gloria went undercover as a Playboy Bunny many eons ago, (1963) to show how bad things were for other women employed at Playboy clubs.

Hmmmm……what exactly does “undercover” mean at a Playboy club anyhow?

Nope….not gonna go there….you know where that will take me and I’m not gonna go there.

Yes I am….I just can’t help myself.

So if you’re posing as a Playboy bunny and you’re scantily clad with butts and boobs heaving all over the place and you want to write an expose’ on the Playboy Club does this mean that you have to go undercover, or covers, so that you can experience the entire thing…..perhaps from under those covers?

One would think so.

Anyhow, Gloria did write an expose’ on her experience as a Playboy bunny, (no carrots were harmed or mentioned in her book) and now she’s stepping forward to urge viewers to boycott the program because it demeans women. She called Playboy Clubs, “the tackiest places on earth.”

Obviously she’s never been to a restroom in Times Square, New York.

Obviously, due to her age, (77) it would be somewhat difficult for her to infiltrate the production site at NBC dressed as a Playboy bunny actress so that she could actually see what the heck the show is all about and how it actually depicts women in this new series.

Unless she goes to the same plastic surgeon as Joan Rivers and Paul Anka. Then she might be able to pull it off….um… long as she doesn’t have to get naked.

NBC in a statement regarding the new show calls it, “a really fun soap opera.”

Ok, so Gloria has made her point.  So what does this all mean folks?

This all means that if it were not for Gloria, no one would have paid much attention to this new show until they either saw it advertised on TV, read about it in their TV listings, NBC promoted it prior to its debut in September, or a bunch of scantily clad women promoted the show by walking around in big cities and handing out free bunny tails.

Soooo…….now that Gloria has brought it to everyone’s attention, NBC can cancel all promotions because Gloria gave it to them for nothing.

Besides…do ya actually think any red-blooded American guy is gonna boycott this program because Gloria Steinem says they should?

Pant…..I ain’t gonna be one of them.  Sorry Gloria. I love bunnies no matter what size, shape, or TV program they’re on.

By the way…..did Gloria ever complain about “Baywatch?”

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Steinem as a happy, happy, happy, happy, bunny...but actually working under the meant, undercover.

Gloria Steinem (2011) describing the size of Playboy Bunny boobs.

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1 Response to Gloria Steinem Vs. New Playboy TV Show

  1. SVG says:

    Once again, you got it all wrong….the picture from 2011 was actually her describing Andrew Weiner (I think length and girth was part of the conversation).

    The story goes, when she visited the Playboy Mansion, she wanted to “…see all the bunnies in dark places!” Hef sent her to his bedroom with a vacuum cleaner, and told her to look under the bed.


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