Is The Tea Party Fresh Bags, Or Old Used Ones?

Misfit Wisdom's spiritual advisor Father Guido Sarducci

I posted a question of the site “Sodahead” on Thursday asking the loaded question, “Is the Tea Party Republican, Democrat or Independent.  Of course I had done my research on the Tea Party before I posted that question, but, I was curious as to what the responses would be.

There were many, some convinced that the Tea Party is made up of all three parties, which could very well be a possibility, but, not the actual case.

I researched through Wikipedia, various news reports, polls, and my spiritual advisor,(Father Guido Sarducci) who, advised me to forget writing about the Tea Party and asking stupid questions because I would not really get any logical answers based on the fact that, A. The country is so divided.  B. There’s no one who really hates tea. C. Everybody likes to party, so that alone is enough reason to make people like the Tea “Party,” and  C. If I really wanted a logical response from anyone on Sodahead I should have worded my question, “What the hell is the Tea Party and is it similar to having a Tupperware Party?”

If it is, then I’m a member because I have a lot of Tupperware.

First some facts: The Tea Party’s most noted national figures include, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, and Ron Paul.

Hmmmm….obviously no Republicans there.

Tea Party members consider themselves Republicans and have tended to support Republican candidates.  (lies, lies, I tell ya, all lies)

When surveying polls have been conducted on the demographics and the Tea Party movement, they tend to show that they are to a very great extent more likely to be Republicans and have a favorable opinion of the Republican party than of Democrats. (lies, lies, lies, I tell ya, all lies)

Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport, (not related to Newport cigarettes) said, “it is simply a rebranding of traditional Republican candidates and policies.”  (obviously this guy is lying too)

October 2010 Washington Post canvas of 647 local Tea Party organizers were asked: Which national figure represents your group, (Tea Party)

Response: Sarah Palin 34%: Glenn Beck 7%: Jim DeMint 6%: Ron Paul 6%: and Michelle Bachmann 4%.   (lyin’ SOB’s)

Finally, who is the major supporter of the Tea Party? Um, it’s not Salada or Lipton Tea.  It’s…’s…..(gasp) the Koch Brothers.  (obviously this must be a mistake as well)

Some comments from my question on Sodahead as to what party the Tea Party was associated with:

Jenna: “Independent”  (really?)

Fannie: “Republicans. And more and more people are unhappy with the whole “pee party.” (see photo below from Fannie… relation to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac)

Judge Right: A conglomeration of individuals from all sides. (conglomeration? thought that was some sort of sexually transmitted disease)

Scott: “Far right Republicans.”

(which is one reason I never use my right hand turn signal when driving)

Randy: “They are what Republicans say they are, not what they really have shown to be the last several decades, which is, Democratic lite.”

(Hmmm, is that kinda like Bud Lite?)

CJJ: “Does the fact that the Tea Party candidates all ran on the Republican ticket tell ya anything.”

(yep….it tells me that perhaps CJJ  not only gets an A+ but a package of 500 watt light bulbs to pass on to anyone else who thinks the Tea Party is not affiliated with the Republican party)

And finally, in a second post by Randy: (just a snippet) “Both parties have become one in the same the last few decades.”

(yes they have Randy.  And now we add the Tea Party to join the mix so it’s three in the same)

Well folks, there ya have it. Personally I still think the Tea Party is 90% Republican based on my research. You all can obviously disagree with me, which is fine, because, “DILLIGARA!”

Regardless of what a political party is made up of, not one, not one single politician is EVER going to change anything in Washington.  If you believe that, I’ll sell ya a bridge in Brooklyn…..very cheap.

And why is that my fine little lemmings?  Because most ordinary slugs believe all this bull***t that’s fed to us about cutting spending and that it’s all the entitlement programs that’s draining the government.  Again, for the umpteenth time, do your research and tell me where government money is actually going. Again, for  example, $3 million to Pakistan and most recently $$$$$$$$$$$$ to send a space probe to Venus, (Juno) to see what the hell is going on up there.  My guess…..nothing you damn idiots.

OH WAIT!  That’s ok…Pakistan needs that money to continue to support terrorism . NASA needs that money to get spaced out and Congressmen need that money for their retirement programs and, um..oh yeah, money to stock up on all that good food in the Congressional cafeteria.  Yum!

Ya see folks, it’s like this. Now pay attention.  The average voter will watch the news of their choice and whatever that particular network reports, be it Fox, CNN or whatever, then it’s gotta be factual.  How many actual people do ya think know exactly where the government spends their tax dollar?  Ya think by watching these networks or by doing their own fact finding research to get an unbiased opinion?  Bet it’s television.

In conclusion,  if you think the Tea Party is Independent and has no ties to Republicans, DO YOUR FREAKIN’ RESEARCH AND STOP WITH THIS STUPIDITY THAT “THEY” ARE GOING TO CLEAN THINGS UP!!!”   IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell there, but sometimes ya have to just to get attention.

Feel free to leave your comments on the “comment” section of today’s blog. But, remember, I will respond to you if you so much as appear to be a very stupid person.

Cup of tea anyone? It’s an independent brand.

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Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


The "Tea Pee Pot".....thanks to Fannie on Sodahead.....oops....think I gotta go to the bathroom......damn hot tea.

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2 Responses to Is The Tea Party Fresh Bags, Or Old Used Ones?

  1. Doc says:

    Actually, oh Wise One (not to be confused with “The One”), the Tea Party is comprised of approx. 50% (not 90%) Republicans, and “almost” another 50% Independents (based on a Gallup Poll taken just over a year ago–obviously, this poll might have changed in a year, probably more so favoring Republicans).

    Its creation was stimulated by opposition to economic stimulus bills passed by Congress during the latter parts of the Bush Administration and early stages of Obama presidency (mainly addressed by a Democrat Congress). They consist mainly of those tending conservative, upset at taxpayer bailouts of homeowners; meaningless pork barrel projects; national healthcare reform plans. The “coup-de-gras” (or central turning point that got everyone upset) was Speaker Pelosi’s stance on the health care bill, when she stated (paraphrasing) “Just sign the 2,000+ page bill–we’ll worry about it later.” (WTF??!!?)

    Although one might consider me a Tea Partier, I am not…I am fiercely independent, looking closely at each candidate and the issues. Yes, I am conservative, believing in less government in my life, and, if I don’t have the money, then I shouldn’t spend it wildly. I also believe the issues ought to be debated in an OPEN forum and ALL sides of an issue deliberated in as full a discussion as possible.

    I am not going to apologize in stating that mainly the liberal philosophy has gotten us into this mess–particularly Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd and Frank spouting their mouths off and thereby creating havoc, or mainly a democratic congress and president taking out a loan against social security at the expense of seniors, or when a liberal media espouses a liberal dogma (like Al Nuhirth of USA Today stating that “…EVERYONE is entitled to Medicare”–WTF, even the rich, or those who can afford it anyway??). When I hear Obama stating recently that we will now look at welfare income as a viable source for obtaining a mortgage; or granting businesses a tax credit if they hire a veteran (at the expense of over regulation, those already unemployed, capital gains taxes, and overseas jobs), to me, that is irresponsible. This is socialist nonsense trying to provoke a class of people in order to garner a 2012 vote.

    I also don’t discount what the republicans and other conservatives have done to mess this country up (citing lack of TARP funds oversight, intrusion in privacy, and favored taxes).

    The Tea Party just wants responsible accountability (i.e., “no taxes without just representation” – gee, where have I heard THAT before??)–not voters named “Mickey Mouse” or “Donal Duck” who load up and water down a vote without proper I.D. verification…

    Maybe I’m naive, but I want these elected officials to do the right thing…!

    • misfit120 says:

      Yes Doc….you are correct in your summary. However, you did not touch on the fact that no Democrats are Tea Potty supporters. Do ya find that kinda strange? And, considering the names I mentioned in the list of Tea Potty members, (Wikipedia, Gallup, etc) I still, as do many, believe the Tea Potty is more Republican oriented. Um, find me a Democrat on the Tea Potty and I’ll gladly post it on my blog for all to see……and take you out for a cup of tea. MW

      Click here for my daily blog.

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