Heidi Montag Regrets Having Surgery….Surgery? What Surgery?

Surgery for what? I just can't get a hand on it.

I just can't figure out what she had surgery for

Hmmm, what the hell was that surgery for?

I’m really not a follower of Heidi Montag. Nope never followed her or stalked her.  I wasn’t exactly sure who she was, other than seeing her in various magazines, “Boobs R Us” and “Balloon Magazine Monthly,” and an occasional Internet story…..such as the one that I came across today.

So I checked it out and apparently Heidi, and her boyfriend are just about on the verge of starvation. Not to mention her regrets at having plastic surgery.  Although the article did not specify exactly what that plastic surgery was.  I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

I actually regretted having plastic surgery myself years ago. It was when my ex-wife took all of my credit cards out of my wallet.

In an interview with “The Daily Beast,” which I think is an Internet magazine and not a magazine about animals, Heidi says that she’s broke primarily due to the money, $2 million dollars, that she spent on a failed music career, a monster truck, and a lot of other unneeded stuff.

Like I always say, ya can never have enough stuff.

Now Heidi and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt are relegated to eating Mexican food like tacos and burritos, doing laundry, and watching a lot of movies.


The sheer deprivation of it all. How do they ever manage?

She says, “It’s like what 70 year olds do.”

HUH!!  70 year olds eat tacos and burritos, do laundry and watch movies? And all this time I thought they were at bingo, casinos, on cruises and spending what little money they have on Viagra and Cialis.

By the way, I also had no idea who the hell Spencer Pratt was until I looked him up.  He was one of the stars on MTV’s “The Hills.”  Never heard of that show either.  Boy am I battin’ zero here.

Sorry, but I’m close to being one of those 70 year olds who still watches re runs of “Mayberry RFD” “Ozzie & Harriet” “Hawaii Five O” (the original) and the Playboy Channel.  Um, I only watch the Playboy Channel to make sure my Viagra and Cialis prescriptions work before I actually attempt to put them to good use.

Heidi says to occupy their spare time, because they’re so broke, (I bet) they’re teaching their dog to poop outside.  Another thing 70 year olds do.

But, again, the thing that bothers her the most, is having that plastic surgery.

Which, being the “boob” that I am, I still can’t quite figure out what that surgery was for.

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