Debt Ceiling! Geez, There’s More Important News Today.

Ok, Ok, so, (if they haven’t solved the debt ceiling crisis by the time I post this) we need to focus our attention on this Monday to more important stories. We just can’t be wasting our time watching what’s going on in Washington and miss out on other equally important news events that may have an impact on our daily lives. I’ll briefly get to the debt ceiling when I can get my ladder out from the basement and check out the details of the ceiling’s condition later on.

(As of 10PM last night an agreement had been reached, so I put my ladder away)

First, out of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.  Major crime units are on the lookout for vagrants hanging out in the park and committing major despicable crimes against humanity.  Um, wait a second…..(checking story)

Oh, sorry, it’s not against humanity but against un humanity, which, I think involves animals and other wildlife creatures.  I’m not sure.

Anyhow, it seems that these vagrants hanging out in that park are eating all kinds of stuff, which most of us normal people do not eat. Like squirrels, pigeons, geese, gulls, and ducks.  Yes, I know some of us eat ducks, but not the ones that loll around in the park for Gawd’s sake. Get a grip!

Police have cracked down on these people with huge fines and with a stern warning not to even consider opening up any concession stand that advertises squirrels, pigeons, geese, gulls and ducks on a stick covered in chocolate.  Although, when you add chocolate to the mix, it does seem kinda appetizing. Hey, don’t knock it if ya haven’t tried it.

Another big news story that made the headlines this week:  “Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were seen in New York wearing the same dress.  OMG!!! Stop the presses!  Call the N.Y. Times!!!  This surely means the end of the world is approaching.

Um, can someone please explain to me why men can wear the same thing and nobody gives a rats ass?  Sometimes I myself wear the same things two days in a row and nobody notices.  True, I’m not a celebrity and do not live in New York, but, you’d think living in a small town somebody would care. Besides that one guy in an elevator who saw me two days in a row wearing the same outfit and wanted to know if I showered.

Ya see, we’re missing out on a lot of important news stories by centering our attention on the debt ceiling crisis. But I will give you a heads up on that, for those of you that actually care……usually people with brains who vote for a candidate with a good platform for solving problems and not those who vote because they love Sarah Palin’s glasses or because Michelle Bachmann’s really cute.

(scuse me while I gag myself with a freakin’ TV remote)

“The Clay Center Dispatch” (Kansas) had a great blurb in their editorial section this past week about the debt ceiling crisis.  They said the following in their editorial:  (I’ve added my own two and a half cents too)

“Congress, just do your job and quit whining.”  I second that.

“Don’t tell us the government is overspending, we’ve known that for years.” The government overspends!!!”  OMG!!! I didn’t know that.

“Don’t tell us it’s all the other party’s fault. Both sides brought us to this nightmare.”  Now THIS comment is what I call fair and balanced. (note to Fox News)

“Don’t tell us we’re overtaxed. Some of us are not.”  Can anybody say “Bank of America,” huge corporations and the wealthy?

“Don’t think that the last election was about putting Republicans in. It was about throwing the incumbents out. And the angry mood is burning even hotter now.”  I myself have just purchased the mother of all grills in preparation for the 2012 elections. Yum.

“Don’t tell us the issues are complicated. The solutions are simple. Managing your drama queens is what is complicated.”  Obviously a scene and quote from “Hairspray.”

(My favorite) “Don’t think voting “no” on everything makes you a hero. It makes you overpaid. A baboon could be trained to bang on the “no” button for mere bananas a day.”  Ice cream would be nice addition to those bananas.

“God bless the risk takers among you, the optimists without illusions, the finders of common sense on common ground who are putting their political careers on the line for our country.”  I think there are only two of them in Washington and at last report they were out getting banana splits.

“It is in you, those of the new silent, rational majority must place their trust and prayers….and have.  You may not hear much from them. But, turn off Rush, (Limbaugh) read the polls again and know they are here.”  Yes….Yes…..I’m here….(waving)….but no one’s listening!

Well, I’m kinda used to no one paying attention to me anyhow. With the exception of my 5 cats….and only because they know I’m the hand that feeds them.  Unlike members of Congress who know we are the hands that feed them, then bite us, until reelection time, when they come begging.

Guess what Senators and Representatives. Come the 2012 elections there’s no more Alpo and Fancy Feast from ol Misfit, and a lot of other people.

And you know what that means.  Yep….you’ll be out of a job and hanging out in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York begging for handouts and wind up getting eaten by a vagrant.


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"Whaddya doin' down here in scuba gear Rusty?" "Oh, hi Harry. It's not safe up there. I just spotted some guy grilling an aardvark so I'm not taking any chances."

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