Software Giant “Apple” Has More Money Than The U.S.

MisfitWisdoms first computer experience......before I became computer savvy

The BBC just reported that Steve Jobs’ company “Apple” actually has more money that the United States of America. Um, is this legal? I mean, someone or some company having more money that the United States?  Does the IRS know about this?  WTF!

Does Obamaroo, John Boner, Eric Can’t-ner, Dumbocrats, Re-no-publicans, and Tea Potty bags know about this?

Hey guys……someone has more money than us!!!   And it’s not a politician. Here’s your chance to score some points before election day in 2012 and take credit for solving the debt ceiling and deficit problem.  Are ya listening?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple is no bad apple. He’s amassed a fortune of over $76.4 billion dollars.  More than the United States!  The U.S. only has $73.7 million! WTF!!!   What bank do we have our savings account in anyhow?  Quick, switch to whatever bank Jobs has his account in. They might even be offering incentives like new weapons, or space shuttles for opening a new account. Maybe even a free debit card with Job’s picture on it, or Obama’s or Boners’…..your choice.

Personally, if I were the United States, and opened a new account in whatever Jobs’ bank is, I’d want a picture of one of the richest men in the world on it…..Warren Buffett. Not only would a picture of him on your card project wealth whenever you use it, but, if it offends anybody, you can always say it’s a picture of Jimmy Buffett. Hey, everybody likes Jimmy Buffett and margaritas.

Maybe the U.S. should just smooze up to Jobs and ask to borrow a few million, or two. Invite him to the White House to soften him up. Let him sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.  Surprise him with Monica Lewinsky hiding in the Lincoln bedroom closet. Oh yeah, make sure he’s not wearing anything blue….like a suit or something.

Hey, it can’t hurt.  We have a huge deficit, and the debt ceiling needs to be raised before Tuesday. It’s worth the shot guys. I say go for it.

He’s got an extra $3 million dollars just hanging around.  Pitch owning part of the United States to him.  Maybe sell off North and South Dakota in the deal. Hell, nobody lives there anyhow, as I reported in yesterday’s blog. Geez, throw in a seat in Congress. No one will care. Nothing gets done there anyhow so what the hell does one more seat in Congress matter.

I must admit that I myself do not own an Apple computer.  Only because I was afraid that over a period of time it might attract fruit flys.  You know how those little suckers come out of nowhere when you have fruit just lying around.

If they were to make an artificial Apple computer I might consider switching.

In the meantime, I urge all members of Congress, the President and John Boner to consider borrowing a few mil from Steve Jobs.

If that doesn’t work, try Capitol One. I hear they have a lot in their wallets.

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