Todays Question: To Be Or Not To Be……an animal.

Here I am again today all stressed out because all of the talking heads are blaming Democrats, Republicans and whomever else they can blame for the big flap over raising the debt ceiling. Perhaps we need a change.

No, I’m not proposing we form another political party, because as far as I’m concerned all political parties are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They all, once elected, go to “Gentlemens Warehouse” because they like that guy at the end of that TV commercial that says, “you’re gonna like the way you look.” But in the end, regardless of what clothes they buy, they still look the same.

Which is like sheep… wolves clothing.

So, the question is, “to be or not to be” a wolf or a sheep.  Yes, I know sheep are cute, fluffy and always have nice smiles on their faces. And wolves are nasty looking and eat grandmas who live in the woods.  Which is why we need a new political system free of all sheep and wolves.

I say do away with both sides of the wolf and sheep politician and search for a new animal worthy of our support.

Pigs are out due to the fact that they constantly gorge themselves with all kinds of stuff, including pork barrel stuff, which is the stuff that the current politicians stuff down our taxpayer throats and then deny it was them who did the stuffing.

Aardvarks are out of the question as well.  You know how they suck up ants. Just imagine what the heck they’d do to our taxpayer money. Besides, I think the IRS already has a staff consisting of aardvarks working for them.

I thought about the possibility of rabbits, but in light of all the sex scandals going on in Washington, I quickly dismissed that idea.  You know how rabbits like to um…er……neverrrrr mind. Just think severe multiplication.

Turtles were my next choice, but then again, in light of how long it’s taking to solve the deficit problem, turtles would definitely be out of the question. However, they might be a good fit to replace the aardvarks at the IRS. Might cut down on the time it takes them to do audits.

Then I hit upon the idea of domestic animals. Like cats and dogs.  For instance.  Both are extremely loyal and depend on us to feed and protect them.  Cats do their thing in a litter box while politicians s**t all over us. Dogs, on the other hand, protect us from intruders, fetch things, and always wag their tails when they’re happy to see you.  Unlike politicians who send money to intruders, (Pakistan) fetch things for themselves, (perks) and the only tails they wag are the ones they hope they don’t get caught messing around with in some seedy hotel.

So, my vote, obviously a write in, will be for a dog or a cat.  There are many well-known dogs and cats that surely would appeal to the masses.

Garfield, Sylvester, Heathcliff, The Cat in the Hat.  And dogs such as Scooby Doo, Snoopy, Marmaduke, Wonder Dog and of course Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Geez, who wouldn’t vote for any of these guys.

I suggest to show your discontent for the current political system come election time you opt to write in the animal’s name of your choice. Perhaps tote along a can of Alpo or Fancy Feast just so that they get the message. Might wanna toss those poll workers a cat or dog treat as well……gotta keep them happy ya know.

Yep, there’s not much we can do, other than my idea, come election time, to show our discontent. Both sides of the political aisle, regardless of party affiliation are useless…..totally useless. So ya gotta stick to this plan.  Write in those animal names and show them we mean business.

If by chance, one of these written in animal names actually gets elected, just how bad can it be?

Other than having to fork out a few taxpayer bucks here and there for vet visits, rabies shots, and a monthly supply of Alpo and Fancy Feast. Oh yeah, and having to clean litter boxes and walk the dogs in the rain and snow.

BUT……don’t politicians already ask us to clean up their mess already and tax us to hell for all of the other things they need in life?

Sooooo………what’s the difference?

(DONATE) The PayPal link to donate to MisfitWisdom for coming up with the brilliant idea of electing animals to congress is below. If it is not highlighted, copy and paste it into you browser and it will take you directly to PayPal where you can cough up a few bucks, or a hairball, and contribute. Your choice.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


WHAT!!! This is how I always dressed before being elected.

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