Give Obama’s Peas A Chance

As you can see in this photo of me holding a banana, it is way too suggestive, which is why Obama chose peas instead of bananas.

I have to agree with the President on this one. During a press conference this past week he said that Congress should, “pull off the band-aid and eat our peas.”

Exactly!  Give peas a chance.  After all, didn’t John Lennon even make a song about peas?  Remember, “Give Peas A Chance.”  It was a big hit during the late 60’s (1969) and he was absolutely right. We should all give peas a chance.  It’s not like the president is asking us to eat spinach or broccoli or something. Only women eat that stuff.

I mean, look how current these deeply patriotic and inspiring lyrics from John Lennon’s song are today.

“Everybody’s talking about Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism, This ism, That ism….ism….ism….ism……

All we are saying, is give peas a chance.”

Back in the 60’s we all listened to the Beatles and John Lennon, so when he said give peas a chance we all went out and bought cans of peas, and happily, for the cause, ate peas.  So why is it we can’t all just support the president and once again start eating our peas.

This isn’t a partisan issue.  Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party people, Independents…..all of them need to put their differences aside and start eating peas.  Go back to your record library and pull out that song and play it a few times just to get the powerful message it conveys.  Guaranteed, you’ll start to feel that surge of patriotism and start eating peas again.

You might wanna skip the part of the song that mentions, “masturbation” as it might lead to other things besides eating peas.  Just a cautionary note.

I mention this due to the fact that when I was a disc jockey back in the 60’s we had to edit the word “masturbation” out of the song lest it contribute to a surge in masturbation activities throughout the United States.  Lennon’s crusade to support peas was fine, but station management did not want to be responsible for mass masturbation activities.  Especially while people were eating peas.

You know how it is. You get all patriotic listening to that song, see other people eating peas and masturbating, and before ya know it, you’re doing the same thing.  Kinda like the hula hoop fad. Everybody had to have one and do it.

I’m just thankful Obama picked peas instead of other not so tasty vegetables. Although I would have personally preferred bananas.  But, I can understand why he did not choose bananas due to the configuration of bananas and that “M” word in the song by Lennon.  Too suggestive if ya ask me.

So let’s all get together as one nation and support the president in his quest to give peas a chance.  It’s the least we can do. United in peas we all stand.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna stock up on peas too……………. and bananas.

Sorry……I was already into bananas back in the 60’s when I first heard that song and the “M” word. Old habits are hard to break.

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1 Response to Give Obama’s Peas A Chance

  1. Doc says:

    But if you eat TOO many peas (as the president wants), you become grump-(you guessed it)-pea.

    In reality, the president wants to control the whole world, because what he DIDN’T say was he wanted “peas on earth.” Next, he’ll want us all to sing Mary Poppins’ song: “just a spoonful of sugar…”

    I like your idea, though, about bananas…at the very least, I’ll have friends in bunches.


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