Nazi’s Used Sex Dolls In WWII….I’m Vindicated!!!!!

At Last!!! I'm vindicated. Thank you Heinrich Himmler.....I think.

Not only am I vindicated but also millions of red-blooded American males, who, in times of lonely desperation, turned to their most faithful and devoted girlfriend…….Gretchen the lifelike voluptuous giant inflatable doll. Who was also on the front lines during World War II.

This all thanks to Nazi SS chief, and inflatable doll connoisseur Heinrich Himmler.   (Bless his little Nazi heart)

Recent revelations in a new book discloses how top Nazi officials sanctioned the distribution of sex dolls, most likely German Fräulein dolls, to German soldiers in World War II to keep the from sleeping with prostitutes.

Heinrich was quoted in the book as saying:  “Sieg Heil.”   Um….wait……oh yeah….besides saying that in the book he also said, with regard to the dolls, “It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure.”

In other words, just in case you didn’t understand what the hell Heinrich vas talking about. You know how hard it is to sometimes make out what the heck they’re saying, especially in those German war movies.

I’ll explain it for you as clearly as possible.

What Heiney meant was that he did not want German soldiers, during breaks in the war, (union war contracts specifically state that there must be at least 10 or 20 minute breaks during a war) to use that time to shack up with various women, (usually women from countries that they occupied) and then risk the possibility of contacting some sort of sexually transmitted disease, and then be unable to go back to the front lines and carry on a decent battle after their breaks are up.  You know how hard it is to carry on a real good decent battle if you’ve got some sort of sexually transmitted disease.

So apparently the German Third Reich, or Fourth Reich, or whatever Reich was in charge back then, decided to distribute female inflatable dolls to the troops.  Which poses the question: all well and fine for the straight German Nazi soldiers, but what about the gay ones. See…..they discriminated against gays too. Damn Nazi SOB’s.

So all this time we were under the impression that during a lull in the action, that the Nazi’s were simply taking a break and relaxing in their foxholes. When all along they were actually in “other” types of “holes” but not with real foxes.  (sorry….couldn’t help myself there)

Meanwhile the poor American GI’s stuck in their own foxholes, with no foxes, or holes, had to while away the time opening cans of Spam and wonder what all those oohs and ahh sounds were that were coming from the German front lines.  Now we know.

Perhaps had we our own giant life-like giant inflatable dolls during the war things might have been different up at the front.  Germans and Americans could have exchanged their dolls, just for the sake of variety, and then realized that, “hey, what the hell, this is more fun than fighting.”

“Hey American GI, you wanna swap my Fräulein doll for one of yours?”

“Sure……whaddya got to offer?”

“I’ve got a genuine Heinrich Himmler sanctioned Marlene Dietrich….and boy iss she built!”

“WOW… about I swap you for a genuine Betty Grable with extra big stems?”

Yep, the war would have ended a lot sooner had both sides had those giant inflatable dolls. They’d be no time for fighting each other with all that stuff goin’ on in those foxholes………with giant inflatable foxes…….so to speak.

Just goes to show you how advanced in their thinking those Germans were during World War II.

Which poses yet another question.  The Russian leader Stalin was quoted as saying that he thought Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun escaped from their bunker rather than the reports that they committed suicide.

Yet photographs clearly show the bodies of the two of them. Do ya think that maybe, just maybe, THEY were giant inflatable dolls?

I mean, Hitler WAS a pervert, and if the Germans had inflatable dolls, and Heinrich was Adolf’s SS Chief, and they kinda hung out together, don’t ya think that might be a possibility?

Hmmmmmm.  Think I’d better put a call into the History Channel and tell those folks to study those death photos of Adolf and Eva a bit closer.  If they so much see anything that resembles a stem……

Ya have to think about that one.

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1 Response to Nazi’s Used Sex Dolls In WWII….I’m Vindicated!!!!!

  1. Doc says:

    grab a heiney…

    and that’s how we got Heiney-kins


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