A Look, Or Should I Say, “Peek” At Pornography

Scene from a TV horror movie in a normal chicken household where teenage chickens were allowed to view this show and later required extensive therapy (cartoon:amazingdata.com)

Yesterday I wrote about Michelle Bachmann signing a pledge that she would ban pornography, among other things, if she is elected President of the United States.  This, of course, to appease the Iowa influential social conservative organization, “The Family Leader” in order to receive the group’s endorsement.

“Ah’ll do anythin for votes.”

“Oh..gee…Michelle, will ya eat this here worm…I’ll vote for you if ya do. So will my second cousin and wife Thelma and my uncle Festus.”

As I said, It’s all about the votes. Unfortunately, as Michelle very well knows, pornography “IS” protected by the ol 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the U-Nited States of America. Wonder how many in congress will support Michelle when and if she decides to amend the Constitution.

Now, personally I take offense to the fact that a lot of people seem to think that pornography is the evil that will destroy the earth, corrupt our young children’s minds, and make teenagers go blind.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of teenagers that do wear glasses these days….hmmmm….maybe that’s just a coincidence.

Bachmann, and the rest of those bozos who got her to sign that pledge should be more concerned with those violent video games that the Supreme Court ruled is ok for kids to watch and play because it is also protected by the 1st amendment.

“Johnny, what’s all that noise out there the living room?”

“Nothin’ mom….Sally and I are just playing “Decapitation Derby” our new video game.”

“Oh that’s nice honey.  How many people have you and Sally decapitated so far?”

“We’re up to 500 and if Sally can lure this old couple into the chain saw department in a Wal-Mart and lop off their heads she gets 1,000,000 decapitation  points….an all time high!”

“Ooooooooh….I’m so proud of you two.  When I’m finished signing this anti pornography petition for Michelle Bachmann I’ll come in and give it a shot myself.”

So let me see if I understand this correctly….being a bit feeble-minded as I am.  It’s not ok to view pornography, (naked men and women…..possibly an animal or two) and it’s not ok to expose a woman’s breast (2) on TV (horrors) but cleavage is ok, and it’s not ok to say F**K or any other mind warping words anywhere, lest we go deaf, BUT, it’s ok to show blood, gore, maggots, arms being lopped off, heads rolling in a gush of blood, rape scenes and eyes being gouged out?

EXAMPLE:  The other evening I was watching a re-run of “Criminal Minds.” In this episode a 9-year-old forced model airplane parts down his brother’s throat, and killed him because his younger brother broke his model airplane. His parents covered up the deed as did a policeman friend.  So, does this send a message to ANY child who hates his younger brother that, “Hey…there’s an idea!”

Usually I happen to catch those movies while eating a spaghetti dinner. Which lessens my appetite, unlike porno, which increases my appetite. And I’m not talkin’ about food.

I have no freakin’ idea where politicians minds are these days. I don’t get it. Yes, I understand that porno and those violent video shows and games are both protected by the first amendment, but why is it that pornography is the one that takes the hit?  And it seems to me that it’s always middle America Christian conservatives that are pushing for the porno ban thing.

(My apologies to any Christians reading this that may have a porno collection and do not agree with banning such material. I’m just assuming that if you agree with me you live either on the West coast or the East Coast…..just a theory I have)

In conclusion, it is my own personal opinion, which I think I have a right to, at least the last time I checked, unless the Supreme Court says that I do not have a right to my own opinion, that graphic violent games and movies on TV or anywhere are far worse than pornography could ever be.

I personally don’t think I’ve ever wanted to go out and kill someone because I saw a picture of a naked woman………

With the exception of that one photo of my ex-wife because it reminds me of how stupid I was back then when I married her because I saw her naked.

And the only person I wanted to kill was myself for being so stupid.

I rest my case folks.

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1 Response to A Look, Or Should I Say, “Peek” At Pornography

  1. Tom Santos says:

    you didn’t mention the cigarette factor. Kids aren’t supposed to see cigarettes or see people smoking and enjoying a cigarette. So the brilliant powers to be are putting scary photos on the packs to give the kids nightmares when they see a pack. Have you noticed there is nothing bad about booze? Kids can see booze, it’s okay. Where are the morals of this country? It seems we have to get very low to find them.

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