FBI Nabs Whitey Bulger and His Moll

Photos of Whitey Bulger and moll Catherine Greig bear close resemblances to Robert Culp and Morgan Fairchild.

FLASH!  The FBI finally (16 years later) nabs Boston gangster Whitey Bulger (81) and his girlfriend moll, Catherine Greig 60) in dramatic fashion.

I think they knocked on his apartment door and arrested him without incident posing as Avon representatives.  (his girlfriend was into cosmetics after having a number of surgeries and frequented beauty salons on a regular basis)  I guess it was kinda understandable if someone rang the bell and said, “Avon calling,” that she would open up the door.

Bulger, not having any bulges under his coat, or pants, was taken into custody in Santa Monica, California. He faces charges of not only eluding the law for 16 years but faces charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, possibly saying the word “murder” or even thinking of the word “murder.”  On top of that he’s also being charged with narcotics distribution, which I assume is due to the fact that he did not work for any pharmaceutical company, along with money laundering, which we all know is a federal offense if you attempt to launder money in your washing machine, and a final charge of extortion.

Extortion is when you extort something which, according to the dictionary means, “the act of exacting an exorbitant price for something.”  Kinda like gasoline companies. He might get off on that one last charge if he has a very smart lawyer.

A neighbor in the apartment complex where Bulger was nabbed said that she had numberous social conversations with Bulger’s girlfriend and said that she was a sweet and lovely lady and they mostly had girl talk.  Yeah, so was Lizzie Borden….just watch out for the axe.

Greig has been charged with harboring a fugitive.  Kind of a flimsy charge and one a good lawyer could beat as well considering that if Bulger was actually paying the rent, and not Greig, then how could she be charged with harboring him. Unless, they at some point lived on a boat in a harbor and SHE paid the rent.  Touch and go there.

The movie, “The Departed” was loosely based on Bulger, portrayed by Jack Nicholson.   I believe Nicholson was shot dead in the movie version, which is kinda strange considering he was supposedly patterned after Bulger, who escaped and went into hiding, unless, the Feds kinda wished he were dead in real life, so they made the producers of the movie write that part in. My guess anyhow.

Hmmmm, does that mean the FBI also owes him back pay for being an informant?

John Weiskopf, a neighbor who lives across the street from the apartment where Bulger was caught said that he recognized Bulger after he saw photos of him.  “I remembered him and I said, Holy Smokes!” A line that will forever live in infamy in the history books when people remember this important day.

I personally don’t understand why it took the FBI 16 years to nab Bulger.  Unless, unless, when they sorted out all of the top-secret documents that they found in Osama bin Laden’s hideout, they might have discovered letters written from Bluger to Osama which contained tips on hiding out. Worked for Osama. That’s just my guess however.

Residents in South Boston who remembered Bulger said that they thought of him as a regular Robin Hood because he protected the neighborhood from unsightly low down rotten killer slime ball thugs. What they actually said was that he “protected the neighborhood from criminals”…..like himself.

So, the book is somewhat closed on Whitey Bulger.  It should be very interesting to see what happens if he is brought to trial and begins to name a lot of names.  After all, he WAS an FBI informant, so, much more info on who was involved with whom and how he was on the lam for so long might prove to be a spicy meatball of information that some might not want revealed.

Personally I’d be more interested in how an 81-year-old guy keeps a 60-year-old woman (his girlfriend) happy.

Possibly with a huge stock of Viagra or Cialis, which, he might have gotten illegally, which is one of the reasons he might be charged with drug trafficking, unless, the only traffic he trafficked was his girlfriend which may only be a minor offense and only if the Department of Motor Vehicles presses charges for trafficking without a traffic license.  My guess.

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Photo of the names of residents in Bulger's apartment building. Wonder if "W. Bulger" on that lsit may have given the FBI a hint.

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