I Can’t Get Out Of The “WTF” Mode This Week

Governor Christie, (r) unable to walk the 20 yards to a Wal-Mart restroom, holds on to an aide while his helicopter sits on the stores roof.

I’m serious folks. All week long I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to just calm down and concentrate on writing stuff that doesn’t make me go…WTF!!! I’ve really tried.  I even took an extra tranquilizer when television news splattered the big news story of the day yesterday. “Sarah Palin goes to lunch with Donald Trump.”  I held back on saying, “WTF,” as hard as it was.  I almost made it through the night without even coming close to thinking about saying, “WTF” until…..until…..another “do as I say and not as I do” politician stuck it up the citizens of New Jersey’s respective butts.

THEN….I said to myself….WTF!!!

Now, mind you, I usually don’t go running around all day long saying WTF at every little thing that happens.  Usually it’s just, plain “F**K” as in, “my lottery number didn’t come in” or “I have to clean up another cat barf.”

But “WTF’s” are more serious.  As in the case of New jersey Governor Chris Christie, (R)(no relation to Lou Christie of “The Gypsy Cried” and “Two Faces Have I” fame) who had the balls to use a state helicopter to get to his son’s baseball game.

This would not have made the headlines had Christie not been an advocate of making government reform a major part of his administration, and that he might possibly be entertaining the possibility of running for president. Yet, here he is, another politician sticking the ol rod up where the sun don’t shine while telling the rest of his constituents to tighten the ol belt.  WTF!!!

Then, to add insult to injury, he gets off of the helicopter, which prior to its landing distracted spectators watching the game, and climbed into a black sedan with tinted windows to drive the freakin’ 100 yards to the baseball diamond.

He DROVE 100 damn yards!!!  What the hell does this guy do when he cuts his lawn, hire a limo to drive him to his backyard where a Mercedes-Benz six speed automatic riding lawn mower awaits him? For cripes sake, it’s only 100 yards!!!   Um, unless this guy is so fat he can’t walk the damn 100 yards. Then that would be understandable.

On top of all this, he was flanked by bodyguards. You all know how dangerous it is for a governor to watch a baseball game. Ya never know when bodyguards might have to pounce on him to shield his body from a foul ball or something.

Then, after all that pomp and whatever to get to the game, they, (the governor and his wife) left during the 5th inning. WTF!!!

The game had to be stopped for a “couple of minutes” while the helicopter took off. Thank gawd the governor wasn’t at a Yankees Game.

“Curtis Granderson has just hit the mother of all home runs, that ball is Gone…waaaaay over the left field wall…holy crap!!!! Um….wait a second, New Jersey governor Chris Christie is getting ready to leave the game with his wife so umpires have ruled that the game must be delayed for 5 minutes to allow the governor’s helicopter to land in the outfield.. We’re not sure how this will affect the game…hold on a minute……”

“Oops……after watching a replay of the helicopter landing the umpires have ruled that Granderson’s home run was invalid due to interference by winds from the helicopter which contributed to the ball’s leaving the park and landing in Central Park.”

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak defended his boss’s use of the helicopter, insisting Christie has only flown in it in “limited” instances when his schedule demands.

Like maybe when he’s running late and needs to zip into a Wal-Mart or Starbucks.  We all do that on occasion. Again, quite understandable.

However, the New Jersey “Star Ledger” (no relation to the late actor Keith Ledger) reported that Christie had no major events on his schedule the day of the game aside with a meeting with several activists from Iowa who are trying to convince him to run for president.

I’m not sure why Iowa activists would go to New Jersey to convince the governor to run for president unless there’s nobody in Iowa worth asking to run for president. Unless the governor heard they wanted him to run and offered them a free ride to New Jersey on his helicopter.  Completely understandable.

Meanwhile, taxpayers in New Jersey undoubtably will be asked to tighten their belts in the coming months so that the governor will be able to have the funds to attend future baseball games which will require the use of the state helicopter.

All together now……………………..


(UPDATE)  As of last evening, the Governor, in a press conference regarding the uproar of the noise the helicopter made while landing…..um…no that’s not right….wait…..oh yeah….in a press conference regarding his use of a helicopter to go to his sons baseball game, which caused an uproar, said that he would pay for the use of the helicopter, but, would not apologize for using it in the first place. Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom….case closed)

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1 Response to I Can’t Get Out Of The “WTF” Mode This Week

  1. Tom Santos says:

    It’s a good thing you are so level headed and don’t get excited easily. The shame of it all is that you don’t have to make anything up. These fools feed you like a king, just keep pouring stupid things out for you to eat up. Keep up the good work exposing the idiots who run our country. BTW, did you see where Connecticut is expecting a surplus of several billion dollars? And we are paying more to cover the bills, I just don’t understand. WTF?

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