Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour: WHAT! Can’t She Afford A Car?

Sarah Palin launches her East Coast Bust, East Coast BUS Tour....sorry.

The beginning of Sarah Palin’s bus tour along the East Coast, otherwise known as the, “Yes I’m Going To Run For President, Um, Wait, No I’m Not, Um, Wait, I’m Thinking About It, Um, No, I’m Not Ready To Say, Well, I’m Considering It But, Oh, Hell, I’ll Take A Bus Tour And Decide Tour”

Kinda of a long name if she’s planning to have any banners or signs made up. Might actually need an extra long add-on bus to hold the entire campaign slogan.

So what’s Sarah really up to, other than her height, which is five feet five inches or 1.65 meters for you math geeks into metric stuff.

My own personal opinion, not that anyone cares, but I’ll state it anyhow, is that Sarah is just in the, “hey, look at me, I’m still around” mode. After all, candidates like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Rand and Ron Paul, (no relation to Les Paul and Mary Ford) and Larry, Daryl and Daryl are getting much more press than Sarah.

Sooooo, what to do?  IDEA!  Go on a bus tour.  I personally would have opted for a car tour rather than a bus.  Perhaps she can’t afford a really good car after spending all that money she made from pubic, oops….public appearances, TV shows, speaking engagements, her Fox show etc. and spending it on her new home in Arizona.

Maybe that’s why she’s decided to go on a bus tour… raise more money. There’s all kinds of free money out there just waiting to be thrown at Sarah. Unlike when she was Governor of Alaska and no one ever threw money at her. Which may be one of the reasons she resigned that office.

“Ah hereby resign my job as Governor of Alaska cause, thar’s money to be made out there in them thar hills,… betcha!”

So what if this is all a ploy just to get her name out there once again and reap in all kinds of money by making her supporters think she might run for President. It just might be.  I’m sure she’s been reading the polls about her chances of winning the nomination.

Does “snowball in hell” ring any bells Sarah?

Yet, just like the ol Energizer Bunny, she’s charging ahead full speed….which is kinda hard when you’re on a big bus that tends to lumber along at speeds of 65 mph or less.

Ah yes, the polls. Everyone has a poll. Polish people have polls. Barber shops have polls. Pole vaulters have polls.  Or is that poles. Whatever. Your choice which way to spell it or if you believe in poles or polls. I personally believe there are Polish people who live in Poland who own poles and perhaps believe in polls.

So what exactly do these poles…um….polls show.

And….you may opt to disagree with this poll, as we all know that polls are only correct if they support your views or candidates, otherwise they’re wrong. In this case, the poll was conducted by CBS News, so I’m just going to assume that it’s wrong because it wasn’t conducted by Fox News.

Hey, I’m just writing what their poll said.  Go find yourselves a Fox News poll and write your own damn blog. Geez.

CBS poll says that 71 percent of Americans (minus the Fox News Americans) do not want 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to run for president. 56 percent of a majority of Republicans do not want her to run.  And, only 43 percent or Republicans have a favorable view of Palin.

(most likely they do not have a favorable view of Palin due to the fact that she built a very high fence on her property in Alaska and no one can view her from the street)

On the pro Palin side of things, Katie Connolly of Newsweek says that the poll is wrong because it “asks the wrong question.”  Rather than asking whether Sarah Palin should run for president, they should have asked, “should Sarah Palin BE president?”


Katie finishes by saying, “Some of the people who want Palin to run are liberals who think that she would be easy to beat. This poll doesn’t say much about how many people are really on Palin’s team.”

She has a team? Ya mean like the Yankees and Red Sox?  Who would have guessed. No wonder she has a freakin’ bigggggg bus for her tour. Geez.

So, everyone has the right to dissent with regard to this poll. But my favorite dissent was one of the comments posted at the bottom of the website I got this article from. It reads as follows:

“When I see who is against MY Sarah it certainly inspires me to be even more for her.  They seem to think that the subhuman we have now is wonderful which ought to convince anyone that these poor commenters can barely string two coherent thoughts together.”

“MY Sarah?”  Was this written by her husband. Or perhaps Bristol?

Geez……Get a freakin’ grip will ya fella. No need for name calling here and calling the president a subhuman. I mean, so what if he’s a Chicago White Sox fan. Sometimes ya have to be subhuman just to root for that team. Worse case scenario…………..he could have been a Chicago Cubs fan for cripes sake.

My prediction is that Sarah will not run for the nomination. Not while there’s money to be made in them thar publicity hills podner. After all, the President’s salary is a paltry $400,000 dollars a year compared to the gazillions of dollars Sarah makes as a celebrity.

And, as Dirty Harry would say…………

“Do ya think I wanna give up that kinda money… ya punk.”

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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5 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour: WHAT! Can’t She Afford A Car?

  1. Doc says:

    All I want to know are two things:

    – from what website did you grab that picture? and,
    – is she coming to my hometown anytime soon?

    “you betcha!” {wink}


    • misfit120 says:

      Was your question, “what website did I grab that picture” or “did I grab Palin?”

      Click here for my daily blog.

  2. SVG says:

    The “wild card” in all this, is if “Billary” is going to be asked to run as VP. If Obummer and her run on a ticket, and win (?), then I am going to Nova Scotia for the next four years…this includes Palin as well.

    I’m just plain tired and angry of all these stupid grants, entitlements and monies spent on wasteful so-called “(only temporary) jobs creation” programs (poems in zoos?? c’mon!) by BOTH sides of Congress. This has got to stop.

    While I like Sarah’s principles, family values (ignore the pregnancies, divorces, wild hunting parties, premature office departures) and all that, in my mind, she is a simpleton. Republicans are crying for a strong leader, and none of what I see so far rises to that level.

    I just don’t want to see another stupid politician learning on the job–at least I respect Hillary, even though I don’t like her politics. I’m just tired of Caesar and his Czars (Senate Bill 679) , overtaxed and increased regulation and spending by everyone in DC. We are facing the piper, all of us have to contribute to answers to resolve the economy. And here we base our political decisions on who has the best speech soundbite, rides the prettiest bus, controls the media, or has the most financial backing…

    As for fox News, get over it. It’s fairer than any of the other media outlets combined, especially the CNN and NBC twits. I want to hear ALL opinions, not be emotionally spoon-fed with strongly-edited and limited coverage of dissenting opinion. And yes, I watch all media on any given subject, just to obtain a cross-reference of media. it would be a lot easier, though, if Fox News talking heads would quit interrupting their guests…

    Figures Doc would go right to the picture, too. I like Tina Fey better. At least she’s a Yankees fan.

  3. Doc says:

    Hey SVG…so I like the picture, so what?? Lighten up, man! I sorta agree with you though, I think Tina is more photogenic.

    I also sort of agree with you on Fox News…talking heads and all that…except that the polls that all these media outlets rely upon are not truly representative of a valid cross section of America. Polling 1,000 Massachusetts (definite Democrat bastion) versus 1,000 residents of say, Oklahoma (definite Republican) tilts the numbers one way or the other…it also DOES hinge on ‘how’ (the “lead in” comment) and ‘what’ question was asked…

    For example, scripting “abortion kills a fetus” (as opposed to “abortion is a medical procedure”), then asking “should abortion be allowed?” almost presupposes the outcome. It’s called “shaping.”

    Hence, I take everything here and there with a grain of salt. You should too…we learn, we progress, we influence. Rely on the facts first, not people’s opinions of those facts…I form my own opinions exclusive of anyone else. Vive la difference!

    By the way, I’m a Red Sox fan, and you’re team is goin’ down!!

    World Serious-ly

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