Excuse Me While I Gag Myself With A 2 by 4

The always popular "bird poop on a rock" formation.

Bird poop formation on a leaf. This particular formation should generate a lot of donations.

Colorful display of bird poop on the hood of my truck....exquisite color formations.

Formations of tree and leaf stuff on my siding….very intricate.

Ok, it’s Sunday morning.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, squirrels running around my backyard and no constant trash hauler trucks whizzing by my front window as I attempt to sit in front of my computer and bang out today’s blog.  Kinda peaceful.

So, I had a lot of thoughts as to what I was going to write about this fine day. I was perfectly calm and in a very creative mood surfing the Internet for my next victim, or story line.  After all, I’m writing humor here and usually I’m in a very humorous mood.  Until…..until….I came across a story in the New York times entitled, “My Blog Is Also Paying My Bills” by Kate Murphy.

The article was about bloggers, who obviously write blogs, and get paid for writing blogs, blogging about blog stuff and running ads on their blogs that viewers click on, which in turn generates money for bloggers, unlike myself who gets absolutely nothing, zippo, nada, zilch for writing this blog.

WTF!!!  I said to myself.  Which I’ll say once again….only much lounder….WTF!!!!

First of all folks, I do NOT want to run any ads on this blog. Personally, I feel that running ads on a blog is like watching an advertisement while you’re in a move theater or on a DVD that you bought or rented. This blog will ALWAYS be free and you will never see an ad anywhere within it’s content. Um, unless some sponsor slips me a thousand bucks for a quick plug.

Anyhow, the only other option I had with regard to making a buck off of this blog was to shamelessly ask for donations.  You know, for creative work.  But then I said to myself, “Misfit…..who the hell is going to pay for something that’s free.”   I answered myself, “Nobody you freakin’ dimwit.”

I tend to carry on conversations with myself quite frequently rather than engage in conversations with actual people where I could either make a complete fool out of myself or forget what point I was attempting to make.

So, getting on with this “gag myself with a damn 2 by 4” with regard to making money writing this blog, I came across that article and read how various bloggers were actually making money.  Again….I said….WTF!  But my “WTF” wasn’t about those bloggers who make money running ads, it was about some blogger making money by getting donations for his creative work.

His name is Kelly Delay out of Frisco, Texas and runs a website called, “The Clouds 365 Project” where he posts daily blog photographs of cloud formations. The guy gets donations of between $200 and $400 a month from people who visit his site to look at freakin’ cloud formations.


Cloud freakin’ formations!!!!

(grabbing my 2 by 4 and gagging myself with it)

Cloud freakin’ formations!!!!!

He is quoted as saying, “people can be very generous.”

Geeeeez…..I guess so, in Texas at least.  Don’t these people have anything better to do on the Web other than look at cloud formations?  For cripes sake, here I am writing humor each and every day and not making one single buck and this guy runs outside, takes a photo of a damn cloud formations, posts it on his website and makes $200 to $400 dollars.  WTF!!!

What the hell are these people visiting his website smoking?

“Hey man, come here and look at this crazy cloud formation photo.”

“Oh, cool man, kinda looks like a giant Aardvark eating an ant.”

“Yeah man, cool.”

So, like, should I be posting something like cloud formations too in order to support my creative work?  Um, maybe not, seeing that he’s got the cloud formation market sewed up.


Ok, how about I run this by ya.  I could post photographs of various bugs that hang out in my backyard.  Or, um, spider web formations. How about formations of dew patterns on the grass in my front yard every morning.  Or various sap formations from the pine trees in my driveway that fall onto my truck hood.

Come on folks, it’s no worse than freakin’ cloud formations!!!!  Formations are formations as far as I’m concerned. Start smokin’ something, anything, then look at my blog for formations for you to formulate an opinion on, and then work up a formula on just how much you wanna donate because you liked my formations.

Um….you can donate directly to my PayPal account which I have formulated to accept donations which will be used to publish my next book entitled…………….

“Photographs Of A Blogger Gagging Himself With A 2 by 4”

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV

Header: chickart@cox.net

Crotch formation in one of my backyard trees. This is totally uncensored.

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