Jane Fonda Is 73!!!! Holy Fondafacation Batman!!

Are "goldiggers" only female? Cause I'd sure like to do some prospecting with Jane.

Fondafacation was a word I just made up…so don’t go looking for it in your dictionary. Geez.

There was a photo of Jane Fonda, (73) recently posted on the Internet, (above) wearing a verrrrry skin-tight dress which, needless to say, but I’ll say it anyhow, fit her like a glove. Um, a glove I’d personally like to get my hands on.  Pant, pant.

I know, you younger folk out there just have no appreciation for what a great looking 73-year-old senior citizen looks like.  That’s because your lower body parts rule your brain.  When you get older, such as myself, lower body parts still rule your brain, but, you no longer subscribe to the “Four F Rule,” as most of you younger people do.

Geez…do I hafta spell out the four “F”s.  I would have thought everybody knew this by now.  Hmmm…….maybe it’s a generational thing.  I’m not even sure if the four F thing is still in effect.  Who knows, it could be something else instead of the four F’s.

Ok, just in case the four F’s are outdated, which I seriously have doubts about, they were as follows, with regard to scoring with a babe, say like in a bar, or in my case, an assisted living home:  “Findem, Feelem, F**kem, Forgetem.”  Kinda tacky, but you women all know how guys brains are like geared to one thing..SEX!

Ya see, some things never change.  Until you get older and realize that at some point the four F’s should be “FFF&OKILMY.”  Which stands for, “Findem, Feelem, F**Kem, and OK I’ll Marry You.”  You can only eat so much spaghetti and hot sauce till you eventually find the right hot tamale and settle down guys.

Kinda tasty comparison don’t ya think.

Anyhow, looking at this photo of Jane Fonda makes me appreciate just how great some older women look as they reach their golden years.  I have no idea what the hell the term “golden years” means with regard to getting older. Probably because gold is old, I guess.  Or perhaps many seniors have gold teeth. Or maybe because “goldiggers” seek out old rich sugar daddy’s.

Um….forget it, I’m only worth two cents, which is what I have in my pocket right now.

I think Ted Turner, Jane’s ex, is probably kicking himself in the ol butt right now for letting her go.  She still looks very hot.  Well, at least to me.  And yes….I AM wearing my glasses you damn jerks.

I would think that the makers of Viagra and Cialis should jump on Jane…um….no, that should be jump on the ol Jane Fonda bandwagon and get her to do an ad for their product. Forget that young middle-aged couple sitting in  damn bathtub out in the woods ad.  Who the hell has a bathtub in the woods anyhow?

Just have Jane appear on camera in that outfit walking through senior bingo night at a local church hall.  All the old guys gawk at her in amazement, then go back to playing bingo.  Then, in the next scene in the ad, show the old guys popping a Viagra or Cialis pill before they go to bingo.  Once again Jane walks through, they all gawk at her in amazement once again, and yell, simultaneously, “BINGO”…… as they all stand up with bigggggggg……………….

bingo dabbers.

Get your mind out of the gutter you damn perverts.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV

Header: chickart@cox.net

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2 Responses to Jane Fonda Is 73!!!! Holy Fondafacation Batman!!

  1. Doc says:

    so THAT’s why Bingo usually lasts for over four hours…

    I’m not fond of Fonda

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