Here We Go Again…Preacher Now Says We’re Doomed Oct. 21st.

So look at it this way guys. If the world is coming to an end on Oct. 21st what the hell does it matter if I eat you all now or later.

Ya know, I’m getting a bit tired of preparing for the world to come to an end. I mean, is it going to come to and end, or isn’t it.  What the heck is the freakin’ holdup here?

First Preacher Harold, (I’m no nut) Camping predicted that May 21st was going to be the end of the world as know it with giant earthquakes, floods, locusts…, well maybe not locusts, but that would have been a nice touch don’t ya think.  What’s a good end of the earth scenario without some sort of giant bug or something.

Now he’s changed his mind and said that he misinterpreted his readings.  Possibly he got his information out of an old issue of Readers Digest left in a doctor’s office. His statement to the press for not having the correct date:  It didn’t “work out as accurately as I could have.”     WTF!!!

What, did he flunk math in school or something?  Come on for gawds sake Harold, get your damn facts and dates right so we can prepare for the end. Those $10 for 10 sale items at my local grocery store don’t happen too often and I just don’t wanna go out and spend ten bucks if I don’t have to. At least not until the date gets closer.

Now Harold says the earth will be destroyed on October 21st.  I say we all chip in and buy the guy a new Timex watch. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, their motto, and perhaps the only thing that will survive if the world ends.  Any future space explorers from a distant planet who discover Earth will at least find a watch that works.

Of course Harold predicted that the world would end in 1994 too. That time, when the world didn’t end, he attributed his error to a “mathematical error.” Donald Trump needs to do some serious investigations into what the hell this guys math scores were in high school. If he failed in math and got all D’s, I think we’re basically all safe. You can then stock up on all those $10 for 10 items for picnics and backyard gatherings.

Harold’s a bit down in the dumps since realizing that when his prediction did not occur at 6:01 on the 21st, he would have to endure yet another few months, (5) before he gets all worked up into a frenzy again. He said that until then, he will just play Christian music on his network until Oct. 21st. Kinda like bears do when they hibernate.

“Oh well, the world didn’t end today, think I’ll go back into my cave, slap on some ol 78 rpm or 8-track Christian music songs and veg out.”

Me thinkith that Harry’s music collection consists of two songs that he’s been listening to waaaaay too much. “Eve Of Destruction” by Barry McGuire, (1965) or perhaps “It’s Good News Week” by Hedgehoppers Anonymous (1966) two very good “the earth is coming to and end” songs.

My theory is this. If Chicken Lickin’ was wrong when he ran around screaming, “the sky’s falling, the sky’s falling” and it didn’t fall, then who the hell is gonna believe Harry is right. Chicken Lickin’ was around long before Harry, so you’d think if anyone was going to buy that sky falling thing, they would have bought it then.

Harry…’re just another Chick Lickin’ wannabee.

Until Goosey Loosey or Henny Penny themselves spend their own personal fortunes, (Harrys is $104 million) on advertisements predicting when the world will come to an end, I’m not buying it…….not for a single minute.

Unless the good preacher wants to throw a few of those $104 million bucks my way to promote his cause on my daily blog……….

I’m easy….I’ll do anything for a buck.

Harry… me.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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1 Response to Here We Go Again…Preacher Now Says We’re Doomed Oct. 21st.

  1. Doc says:

    About the only things that will survive will be–yes–Timex watches, as well as a few million cockroaches who won’t know what to do with them…

    Think I’ll invest in billboard sign companies (and Timex). At least with the profit from those I can schedule a huge party on October 20th so I can sleep through the next day, and awake on the 22nd fully refreshed in a new home.


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