Hawking Says Afterlife Is A Fairy Story….OMG!!!

Ya gotta pay attention when a guy like Stephen Hawking, noted physicist, says that the “afterlife” is nothing but a fairy tale. He should know. He’s a physicist, and you all know that physicists do all of that physicist stuff in their physical labs just phyzzing around in lab coats with all kinds of physical stuff that physicists do when their phyzzing.

He’s well renowned and knows what physics is all about. I myself have had dealings with physics as a child when I couldn’t go to the bathroom so I know a bit or two about the workings of physics myself.

But this is startling. No afterlife!!  Now what the hell have I got to look forward to? All these years I believed in the afterlife.  I believed in ghosts and reincarnation.  I even thought it might be nice to come back as some sort of animal or something.  Perhaps a bird.  Like a seagull, swooping over the ocean just surfing for clams and things., and occasionally dropping a gift on some unsuspecting beachcomber.  Now my dreams of the afterlife are gone.  (sigh)

Nothing to look forward to anymore.  Thanks a lot Stephen.

And the way that he put it. “There’s no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy tale story for people afraid of the dark.”

Hey Stephen….for cripes sake….I ain’t afraid of the dark!  Well, um….most of the time as long as I have a light on somewhere in the house. And I never once believed that computers went to computer heaven either.  They went to the damn landfill where they were recycled to become new computers all over again and then eventually wind up back on the shelves at Wal-Mart where we could buy them.

Wait a minute……if that’s the case, then there IS a computer heaven.

Steven….you’re missing the point here. If computers can be recycled, then why not humans?  It isn’t a fairy tale. I just proved it. In fact, look at all of the other things that die and get recycled.  Plastic bottles, glass, paper, even old automobile tires that are ground up and wind up as surfaces for new highways. See….humans could be recycled too.

Unless Stephen is afraid to tell us the truth, and that we ARE recycled but it’s too scary to reveal.  Like if we’re cremated, instead of our ashes going to our beloved ones, they, (the crematoriums) take those ashes and give them to the highway department, and we all wind up as part of an Interstate highway. OMG!!

Where exactly do those ashes come from on Ash Wednesday anyhow?  I know, you’re all saying they come from palms, but how do ya know? Have you ever seen them make ashes?  I want photographic evidence. Where the hell is Donald Trump when ya need him?

So Hawking doesn’t believe in the afterlife. Does this also mean he doesn’t believe in the aftermarket, and after school? Before ya know it he’ll be telling us all that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and an honest politician do not exist. Then what?

This is scary stuff.  Especially coming from Stephen Hawking.  He’s not stupid ya know. He’s a genius, well renowned, and greatly respected in the physical field…er….physics field…or some field….perhaps Sally.

I’m so confused.  Fairy tales were my only hope. I believed in fairy’s and thought they were reincarnations of people, mostly airline pilots, who died and came back to offer us some hope of an afterlife.

Now what have I got?  Nothing but the vision of winding up as part of Interstate 95.

All I can say is, thanks Stephen……now all I can hope for is that no one still has any of those steel studded snow tires this coming winter.

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1 Response to Hawking Says Afterlife Is A Fairy Story….OMG!!!

  1. Mike Ritchie says:

    I am with you on this one and I always thought that math was a four letter word anyway. The foolishness of God is wiser that the wisdom of men is how the bible puts it. Glad I’m not a genius cuz then I couldn’t see the obvious- the world didn’t make itself by an explosion of nothing and turn itself into something so amazing as the brain of Stephen Hawking.

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