Questions For The Inquiring Minds…..or mindless.


If you’re the inquisitive type, like myself, you tend to wonder about things and ask a lot of questions.  Most of the time, 100%, I never get any real solid answers.  Mostly, “I dunno.”  Mainly because I live with a woman who knows as much as I do….which is squat.

So, I thought I’d pose some questions to my blog readers seeing that I can’t seem to figure out the answers to them myself, and add some of my own comments as well.

For instance, if someone thinks of you as a real freakin’ a**hole, calls you names, and treats you like dirt, would you lend them a hundred bucks or so?

Well obviously the answer is no.  So, my question is, why have we given Pakistan over 20 billion dollars since 2002 and now they’re all upset because we went in after Osama bin Laden and have retaliated by outing a CIA operative and other veiled threats. It’s like…

“Hey, you Americans are a bunch of stupid jerks invading our country to catch a terrorist. “F**K off and stay outta our business…oh yeah…by the way…don’t forget to send us our yearly 3 million dollar check.”

Then there’s a group of namby pambys who think that what we did to Osama was simply terrible.  Geez….we went in there in the dead of night, shot the guy, who was unarmed, THEN…had the nerve to bury him at sea in a respectable burial.  My GOD!!!

So, my question is, did any of those critics stop and think about the 3,000 some people who did not receive a proper burial on 9/11?  So I guess it’s ok in that case because Osama did not actually set foot in the dead of night in a foreign country and actually never shot anyone in the eye. And, I don’t think we gave him 3 million bucks either…..I could be wrong, considering he was somewhat of an ally some years ago.

I still have my monthly question about Bristol Palin that no one seems to have an answer for. Like, um… it ok to have a child out-of-wedlock and then go around on speaking tours to tell other teenagers not to have a child out-of-wedlock while you’re making a gazillion dollars for having a child out-of-wedlock and telling others not to do it? I don’t get it! To me, making a gazillion dollars and becoming a huge personality for having out of marriage sex and a child seems like the road to prosperity to me.

Geez…I’d do it myself but I’m waaaaay to old to score any babe willing to have my child and then become a personality…..unless Betty White is still fertile and is willing to take a shot at it.  Both of us could then become huge celebrities by going on a “It’s A Freakin’ Miracle Tour.”

And does anyone have the answer to my next question that drives me absolutely nutso. Why is it we’re in a deficit and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wants to cut entitlement programs like Medicare, Social Security, and yes, the cuts that were just made in one state to fund Planned Parenthood all screaming at the top of their lungs that it needs to be done?  Yet my little lemmings, we spend trillions of gazillions of F**kzillions dollars giving aid to other countries, and various stupid pork barrel programs, like studying the sex lives of a fruit fly and why groundhogs don’t choke to death on dirt. I don’t get it!

Here’s an easy one for ya.  Why is it I can drive around and see gas prices range from $4.00 a gallon to $4.25 a gallon in the same state on the same road and in some instances, gas stations within one block of each other? Is it like different gas?  Maybe one gas is gassier than the other?  Or the color of the gas is different?  Maybe it’s where the gas comes from?  I don’t get it!  But my own feeling is that whenever I see those various prices I think I’m getting F***KED.  And, usually when I get that…it feels good…but not in this instance.

One more final question, which, will no doubt, piss  off a few supporters of politicians.  We’ve all read stories of various politicians screwing around with women.  Why is it that those politicians who accuse other politicians of screwing around and are screwing around themselves think that it’s ok for them to screw around, until they get caught and find religion, or, decide that they all will be forgiven if they run for office claiming that they have seen the light, and people actually believe them?  I don’t get it!

“Yeah, ah had sex with three women, married two of them, divorced them, and married my third wife and now ahm runnin’ for President because my friends, ah have mended mah ways and ah have seen da light….and that light is a 60 watt blub”….Which is what this particular candidate is.  I won’t mention his name but if I did, it wouldn’t be Newt to…um….News to you.

I dunno….I’m just getting irritated over all of this stuff. I want to move to Mayberry RFD where things were calm and quiet and all ya had to worry about was Barney Fife screwing up an arrest. I wanna be like little Opie….sweet and innocent.

Um…wait….Opie is all grown up and making a gazillion dollars as a movie director since he left Mayberry. So, maybe that’s not the place to go.

Hmmmm…….where can I go to get away from all of these problems?

YES!!!…………………….Abbottabad, Pakistan………The safest place on the face of the earth.

Now that Osama is gone, dead, kaput, swimming with the fishes, no self-respecting terrorist is gonna be within 100 miles of that town. Not with Navy seals zeroing in on that place.  The perfect place to lay low, not worry about all these things that worry me and just veg out.  Not to mention the great real estate deal I can  get on a slightly damaged house.

Hey, what the hell…..I can live with a few stray bullet holes…..nothing a little spackling and spot-be-gone can’t fix.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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