The Real JFK Conspiracy..or Pro-Spiracy..or some kind of spiracy.

One of the Polaroid photos Moorman took of the assassinaiton.

Mary Moorman and Jean Hill at the exact moment of the fatal head shot.

Ya wanna label me a conspiracy nut. Ok….label me a conspiracy nut.  Yes, I’ll confess, um…no…I’m not confessing that I was in any way involved in the assassination of JFK, I’m confessing that I believe there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination.  So go ahead, call me a nut.

What’s got me all fired up some 48 years later? Facts…..facts no one bothers to check out when they write about the assassination.  Sometimes people who write about the assassination simply center on one or two areas, which is impossible because you eventually discover one link leads to another, and another, and another until your mind turns to spaghetti from an overload of information.

Too much information is not good….when it comes to my mind.  Which is why my other half hides anything new related to the assassination for fear that I will once again head to the computer and write something….like I’m doing now….because I read something that she failed to hide.

Now take into consideration that there have been six million trillion gazillion books, articles, and a few movies, notable of which is Oliver Stone’s “JFK” which is about the events in Dallas, Texas in 1963.  That said, anyone who reads any of this stuff, or watched that movie, obviously forms their own conclusions.

There’s the cut and dry conclusion:  Lee Harvey Oswald took a rifle, went to the Texas School Book Depository sixth floor, fired off three shots, killed the President, ran from the building, shot a Dallas police officer while eluding capture, then was arrested in a movie theater, (not sure what movie he was watching) and then was shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas police department two days later. End of case.  No conspiracy.

Then there’s the WAIT!!!  WAIT!!! conclusion.  Lee Harvey Oswald (very bad shot) took a rifle, in a manner of a few seconds fired off three fantastic accurate shots, one of which was the magic bullet which went through two individuals but came out undamaged when later found at Parkland Hospital, then, after firing those three shots, raced….(I’m assuming raced) from the sixth floor to a Coke machine on the first floor, dropped in his coins in the slot and calmly was drinking his Coke when an officer came in and confronted him only to be assured that he was indeed an employee.

Then, he goes home, for whatever, leaves but just misses a police cruiser that pulls up in front of his house and beeps the horn.

One can only assume that the officer in the police cruiser knew that Oswald was the assassin and, rather than have a messy shootout, simply opted to beep the horn in the hope that Oswald would come out, as many of us would if a police cruiser beeped the horn in front of our house and we had just committed the crime of the century.

Oh, WAIT!!! You didn’t know that happened!  OMG!  Let’s see.  Um….did you know that David Ferrie, who may or may not have been connected with the assassination committed suicide (by having an aneurysm) shortly after New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison announced that he was going to conduct an investigation into JFK’s assassination. Oh…..I may have been mistaken here. According to the coroner’s report, Ferrie died of natural causes, but, left two suicide notes. Hmmm.  Nah…..nothing strange there.

But, when you read this stuff, it just goes on and on.  Link after link. One thing leads to another, and so on and so on.  It’s enough to make you overdose on oregano.  I’m too poor to buy marijuana.

What got me going once again was, and my apologies to Alex von Tunzelmann, an author in the UK, was an article that she wrote on Oliver Stone’s JFK movie, which I mentioned earlier. Yes, I know the movie is a combination of fact and fiction but, in my own opinion, contains enough factual information to arouse suspicions as to a conspiracy in anyones mind who was either still in the womb or not old enough to experience that day in history.

I took issue with Alex’s take on Ferrie’s death and her reply was:    “What you have is evidence only that David Ferrie at some undetermined point in his life felt a bit melodramatic.  If you went through most people’s teenage diaries, or even adult text messages, you’d find a good amount of very similar melodrama.  Without more material evidence – for instance, proof that the notes were written the day before he died, or a coroner’s verdict of suicide – there is no basis for thinking the notes are relevant to the event of his death, let alone to the questions about JFK’s death.”

“The point I was attempting to make was, how exactly do you write a suicide note if you have an aneurysm?”  Do you, like, know you’re going to have an aneurysm and write the note beforehand?

Hmmmm……think I’ll write a suicide note, then go outside during a violent thunderstorm, hope I get struck by a lightening bolt, and end it all. Solid suicide plan don’t ya think.

I also questioned her as to why she had not mentioned the House Select Committee On Assassinations (HSCA) back in 1976 that said, “the President may have been assassinated as the result of a conspiracy.”  Her reply was, “I didn’t fail to include it; I chose not to. I was already over my word limit, and I didn’t think a tangential discussion of  the HSCA was relevant to Stone’s film.”

Nope…’s not relevant when you’re writing an article about conspiracy or no conspiracy or if Stone’s movie may have been on or off the mark. No sense in confusing people with a bunch of silly facts.

Ya see, you HAVE to mention this stuff when you’re writing about the assassination and conspiracies otherwise there’s only one side to the picture. Somebody writes this about that and leaves out a crucial point. Like, exactly what brand of soda WAS Oswald drinking when he was approached by that police officer?  Hey, could have been a good soft drink promotion. You know, “Coke” or “Pepsi”….the brand most assassins choose after a tough day of sniping.”

It’s like, “George, did you chop down that cherry tree?”

‘Yes father,I cannot tell a lie.  But, it wasn’t my fault exactly because the axe slipped out of my hand due to the wind velocity on that day, which contributed to my losing my focus on what exactly I wanted to chop down, which was one single cherry and not the entire tree, therefore, chopping down the cherry tree was not exactly my fault , but partly due to the weather conditions.”

“So you’re blaming the weather for your actions son?”

“Well father, we can eliminate that fact, for the sake of history so that someday I can be Presidential material and then make it appear that I’m really honest in confessing to the deed, thereby eliminating any sort of conspiracy theory which may arise in the future with regard to any involvement from Mother Nature.  You know how those conspiracy theorists are. Next thing ya know, someone’s accusing Mother Nature in complicity to chop down a cherry tree.”

One final quote from Alex: “What would be compelling would be if the HSCA had found specific evidence favouring (her spelling of the word) one conspiracy.  That’s not what it found.  It found a whole heap of extremely fishy goings-on, but these are completely inconclusive, as reflected in the verdict.”

To me…..a conspiracy is a conspiracy. If there are a lot of, as Alex’s says, “extremely fishy goings-on’s” I would think that would be enough to raise up a lot of red flags for anyone investigating the assassination.  You all know how fish tend to smell after a long time.

And the only way to stop a fish from smelling is to cut off its nose……sorry, couldn’t resist that last line.

In my lifetime, which isn’t very long considering my age, I will most likely never know the true facts of November 22, 1963.  But, I do know enough to know that what I know and what all of you should know is that if you wanna know what you should know before making any conspiracy or non conspiracy determination is to read, read, read, read and research, research, research……………..EVERYTHING!!!!

This is truly the real actual “reality show” of reality shows.

Alex…..thank’s for getting me all fired up once again.

Do ya think perhaps you could write something on a conspiracy level that’s not so controversial………

Like….um……is that really Donald Trump’s hair?

(footnote) Mary Moorman (78) who was 31 at the time of the assassination and stood 15 feet from the presidential limousine when the President was shot will appear on (Internet streaming available) at 7pm cst (8pm est) on May 24th to talk about her famous Polaroid photographs of the assassination which she still has intact.  She was never questioned by the Warren Commission.  My thoughts….OMG!!!  Apparently the Warren Commission had enough facts….why get overloaded.

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  1. Mario Horton says:

    Hi There Misfit120,
    Thanks for that, 1) Pro Wrestling
    2) Angels
    3) TV talk shows (like Jerry Springer, etc.)
    4) JFK conspiracy
    5) God
    6) Jesus
    7) 911 attacks inside job
    8) 1+2=3 (just checking)
    9) Bush = Good
    10) Money is the root of all evil.
    Keep up the posts!

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