Osama Death Day 1…”HOORAY!!! Osama Death Day 2 & 3…

YEEEEHA!!!...GERONIMO!!! We got ya Osama.......!!! (disclaimer: Not necessarily a politically correct statement on the cowpokes part)

You all knew this was going to happen…..politics as usual after two days of celebration over the demise of Osama bin Laden.

Ya see folks, it’s this way.  Remember when George W. Bush said, “Mission Accomplished” years ago, and actually, the mission wasn’t really accomplished.  Comics had a ball with that one.  Of course both political sides of the aisle went at each other too.

So now it’s payback time.  What fault can we find to get even.  Gotta be careful here, can’t make it look like we’re not supporting that mission ya know….the elections only a year away.  Let’s see. Hmmmmm.

Enter Fox News host Judge Andrew Napolitano.  He’s taken up the banner of the, “how do we make Obama look bad now that he’s accomplished this mission cause.”  Oh yeah, by the way, I still wanna see his birth certificate, the ink looks kinda fuzzy and the color is off.

Napolitano sez….””the same president who ordered the killing of bin Laden also wants to borrow trillions of your dollars that your children and grandchildren will need to repay so as to finance his welfare and warfare state.” (he goes on without missing a beat)  “The same President also authorized missiles and drones that killed Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s infant grandchildren last weekend….President Obama, with an eye on his lagging poll numbers and the sickening economy over which he presides.”

But wait!!!!!   He’s not finished making a stupid F*****G ass***e out of himself.   My thoughts anyhow.

Um….continue on Mr. Napolitano…..

“Beyond the issue of whether the government is telling the truth or is pulling a fast one to save Obama’s lousy Presidency….is the issue of the lawful power of the President to order someone killed, no matter how monstrous, how dangerous or how unpopular.”

Ya mean like capturing Saddam, turning him over to Iraq, putting him on trial and then hanging him?  We had absolutely nothing to do with that…or, as Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes would say, “I see nothing, I hear nothing.”

Oops, sorry, that was the last administration.

As afar as I’m concerned, this guy is nucking futs.

Where the hell was he on 9/11…..knocking on GWB’s door asking him to PLEASE, PLEASE get Osama bin Laden and kill the SOB.

Nah….they never would have wanted Osama killed. Nope. They would have possibly brought him back to the U.S. and made him an advisor to U.S. affairs with Al Quaida. Worked, as I said the other day, with ex-Nazi’s. Why not with Osama. Could have put him on the damn U.S. government payroll and cut a few entitlement programs for seniors to pay for it.

Hey, while you’re at it Nappy, let’s get the ball rolling for a pardon for Al Capone. After all, it’s been years since the Feds locked him up for tax evasion and he died in jail.  Sentiment by now has to be for giving the guy a break. After all, he only got nailed on income tax evasion. Very unfair considering lots of politicos get nailed for income tax evasion. Hey….fair is fair!

Me thinkith the ol judge is um…….OLD….in the freakin’ brain node catagory….or is considering a run for office…….has been spending waaaay to much time with Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity, or…..is just plain nutso. Your choice.

Hmmm….let’s see. Who else can step in to help the judge dis Obama for killing Osama?  Hmmmm.

How about Loretta Tuell, staff director and chief counsel for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee who took up the anti-Obama flag and raised it up the ol totem pole by saying it was inappropriate for the U.S. military to link the name, “Geronimo,” whom she called, “one of the greatest Native American heroes” with one of the most hated enemies of the United States.

(Geronimo was the code name for the operation the U.S. used when they went after Osama.)

She goes on to say: “These inappropriate uses of Native American icons and cultures are prevalent throughout our society, and the impacts to Native and non-Native children are devastating.”

OMG!!!  All those years jumping off of a tree down at the ol watering hole yelling “Geronimo” I was actually inappropriately dissing an Indian Chief. OMG!!

And all those times when I scored big time with a woman after a hot bedroom session and called out, “Geronimo” I did the same thing….OMG!!!

I’m sorry Mr. Geronimo…..I didn’t mean to yell out your name in the heat of the moment. I feel so stupid now.  I should have yelled out something different while jumping off of that tree, or in the throes of passion.  I “WILL” amend my ways….from now on, if I ever jump off of a tree, or score big time with another woman…I’ll be screaming out….”OSAMA!!!!!”

I simply have to remember the rule of thumb….or ass here.  I have to constantly repeat those two little words that should be imbedded into our constitution, or, perhaps on all of our currency………

“Politically Correct.”

Hats off to Loretta Tuell and Judge Nappy for reminding all of us that stupidity reigns.  Also for reminding us that, in the judge’s case, Fox News does not require a lot of intelligence to be employed there.  As for Ms. Tuell….get the freak over it and name the next Indian Casino after Geronimo.

The bottom line…..if there EVER is a bottom line when it comes to critics…is that regardless whatever Obama does…..someone, anyone, including UFO’s who may land here in 2012, will find fault with him.

WHY.  I’ll tell ya why.  And screw with me if you want to because…….. “DILLIGARA!”…………..(refer to rat in header)

Because NO ONE EVER asked for his birth certificate when he was in the freakin’ Senate….not until he WAS President, and THEN…it was….OMG!!! OMG!!!  OMG!!!…..we have a (yes I will say it) we have an African-American President and, and , and….we lost the election.. What to do? What to do? OMG!!! OMG!!!

So…..you see what they all come up with.  It’s all politics as usual folks.

But I for one am not falling for it. Not for one stinkin’ minute. He’s the President…..is still the President…will be until someone runs for that office and replaces him…and that’s that….get the freak over it. There are much more important things to worry about.

Now ya have to excuse me…….I’ve got a date in the bedroom with my other half……..

“YEAH…………………..HERE I COME HONEY…………..GERONIMO!!!!!!”

OOPS……I Meant……….. OSAMA!!!!!”

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV

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2 Responses to Osama Death Day 1…”HOORAY!!! Osama Death Day 2 & 3…

  1. SVG says:

    Sorry Dick, not this time….I can’t agree with you.

    First, I must say that it is wrong to link the fact that “…we have an African-American President…and lost the election” with an implication that this “link” is the reason Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party, and scores of other people are against this president–and thus racist, which is too bad on your part, and couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The fact is (and facts are) that under this president and last two years of congress have emboldened a new tax and expenditure system that will have government intrude into every aspect of our lives, while 40% of lower income persons are living on the public dole (US Census 2010). Before you start complaining about the upper class not paying their fair share, please be reminded that those earning over $250,000 are paying over 30% of the country’s taxes. This president now seeks a) to have the middle class pay more by an increase in the tax rate b) with no concomitant reduction in entitlement programs.

    I don’t like this president NOT because he is black, yellow, green or whatever….I don’t like him because everything is being manipulated (including the media), becoming more expensive, and stupendously intrusive upon my daily life.

    Why should I have to pay for someone else’s wherewithal when they can afford to pay it themselves? Why must I work 6 months out of every year to pay the government (70% of my income goes to government taxes and fees–do the math yourself).

    Even corporations have the same attitude [whether it is AARP seemingly advising this president or congress speaking on “behalf of its members”–when most say no such thing; or some other corporation (such as energy and media outlets) giving money to charities that you and I have no interest in, yet we’re paying for through our monthly fee]….C’mon!! Enough is enough!!

    I like neither George W., nor Obama’s financial tactics. The former borrowed incessantly from China, and didn’t have proper oversight on expenditures. The latter introduced an enlarged government without benefit of public debate, and is using the media to foist a more socialist program on American citizens, by manipulating the press and stories (why wait months when he had the capability to act–especially in February…the exact same conditions existed last August, this past February, and this week…this has been a “gamble” decision all along? He could have done it last week, but the British wedding was a good story not to be overshadowed…no, it was only when he was receiving heat from the budget process with his rankings falling that he chose this)…the timing was impeccable, to say the least..

    The hue and cry will be heard shortly as more “seniors” retire soon, and find that what they thought was a retirement nest egg or protection is now minimized. The original concept of Social Security was as a safety net for lower income, not for every living person on the face of this earth, and that includes the rich and others ‘double-dipping’ with SS.

    As for Fox News, try and get a conservative viewpoint on CNN, MSNBC, NBC and public radio. One has only to look at the percentage and style of coverage of those broadcasts to realize that they are not fair to conservatives. At least with Fox News, both or MORE sides can be heard, even though some comments deserve verification–as with all major news outlets. Instead, the viewer is fed a bunch of pablum with the expectation that we are all stupid, cannot debate factually amongst ourselves, and can’t do our OWN research for verification—there is no transparency in either our existing government, nor the press.

    Instead of merely reporting the facts and the (perhaps) differing opinions surrounding the news, the “fourth estate” wants to shape the news along the lines of its owners–are Americans THAT stupid, lazy, or brainless that we can’t seek to form our OWN opinion??

    Today (especially today), I take everything with a grain of salt–including blogs.

  2. Doc says:

    Hey SVG–I think I’m with you on most of your (rather long) comment…but I don’t know about your statistics. And it would take me too long to research and read up on them…guess that makes me “lazy and brainless.” I guess my bottom line is that I like less government and reduced taxes/expenses, as well as a fair-minded media.

    BTW Dick, my real first name is Albert…and I think I will forever be linked in some evil manner with Al Queda. Why couldn’t I be named Geronimo so wars and tactics could be named after me??

    Albert Einstein-ily

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