What Does The Real Donald Trump Look Like?

The Donald's Cat.....is there no end to this?

It used to be, back in the olden days, 50’s, 60’s AD, someone could actually run for political office based on what they could do for the country. Remember JFK’s famous line, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Little did we know it meant paying taxes till your eyes bleed.

Great historic quote, which Donald Trump obviously took to heart. He’s helped divide us into two factions.  Those of us that have hair and those of us who do not.  I’m already politically overloaded with all of this birther stuff and now I’m going into warp speed overload watching The Donald’s hair plastered all over the television.

The real question here is not whether Obama was born in the United States. The real question is, is that really Donald Trumps hair or some animal road kill fashioned into a very bad toupee.  I mean, come on, does he really expect us to believe that’s his real hair. I wanna see some certificate from some hair specialist that proves it’s his real hair.

There are all kinds of signs that point to a big coverup here folks.  Look at the puckering lips whenever Donald speaks. That’s a sign of scalp pressure from too much adhesive holding down that twelve pound toupee.  Even his damn eyes are squinty.  More pressure. Then there’s the color of his skin. ORANGE!  Orange for Gawds sake. Who the hell do you know that’s orange?

Yeah, yeah, I know, when we were all in grade school we used to color people’s faces orange. Hey, it was the only color you could use. But Donald. Who the hell is coloring him?  Does someone come into his home every morning and color him with a box of Crayolas?  Or is that from a can of Rustoleum?  Kinda suspicious if ya ask me. I’d be checking him for rust spots.

I’m beginning to think that if you were able to actually see Donald before he gets dressed in the morning he would look nothing like the Donald we see in the news.  I’m convinced there’s a giant coverup here.  I’ll bet he looks nothing like the pictures we’ve seen of him. In fact, I’m willing to bet the ol farm that Donald most likely resembles Don Knotts before the makeup people get to him. Wanna bet!

Now I’m no conspiracy nut here, but there’s just waaaay to much that doesn’t meet the eye here. And, where the hell is HIS birth certificate? Hey, he’s orange for cripes sake…….reason enough to question his birth certificate don’t ya think.  If color might have been a possible reason to Question Obama’s birth certificate, then why not Donald’s?

Hmmmmm…….maybe if Obama WERE orange they might not have started this birther thing.

Which leaves a lot to be desired if we ever make contact with UFO’s, become friendly with them, they mix in with our society, qualify for citizenship and decide to run for President.  They’re, as I suspect, green, which would then open up a whole new can of worms.

Enter “The Donald” claiming that Znork from Mars is not actually from Mars but from Toledo, Ohio.  Ya see, there’s no end to all of this when it comes to politics and smear campaigns.

“Ok dear, I’m done writing today’s blog….wanna spray me with some candy apple red spray paint. I’m gonna go down to the town hall and file papers to run for Mayor. Hopefully “The Donald” will pick up on my candidacy and question my qualifications based on my choice of color….or colors.”

“Beam me up Scotty.”

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  1. cat says:

    @pic your vs. you’re

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