As George Carlin Would Say: WTF!!!

Now you all know me well enough by now to know that I usually don’t go off on a wild uncontrollable rant very often. Well, actually that’s not true. I go off on uncontrollable rants quite often, although I try not to carry them over to my daily blogs very often.  Um….WAIT…..that’s not true either…damn it. Oh WTF…yes I do go off on rants, and well deserved ones I might add. Such as today’s off the freakin’ wall post.

Sorry WordPress Censors….but I have to do this.

My all time favorite comedian is of course the late George Carlin. His 1972 album, “Class Clown” sold millions. The most notable cut on that album was, “The Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television.”  Which should have included, “the seven words you can’t say on radio or in a blog.”  Actually you CAN say them in a blog, but, because I don’t want the WordPress Censors to get all worked up in a frenzy, I’ll just add those silly asterisks.  Which is kinda stupid considering you’ll all know what the hell those words mean anyhow. But…it makes them happy.

First of all, the reason I’m off on one of my rants.  I happened to tune into a movie on “Spike TV” the other night, “The Punisher, War Zone” with Ray Stevenson, (2008)  In just about every scene with violence in it there were bleeped out words that of course, if we hear them, will, once again, warp our minds and make us go blind.

Something like, “You damn “Mother*****R I’m gonna blow your “F*****G head off and then shove it up your a** you no good rotten Pr**K.

Actually I can use the word “prick” because, as Carlin said, “it’s ok to say I pricked my finger as long as you don’t say I fingered my prick.”  Which I just said….sorry censors. Ya have to cut me some slack that one.

Anyhow, those bleeps within the movie just pissed me off big time.  I mean, I could read their lips, so I know what the hell they were saying, but it’s the freakin’ point of it all.

Yes politically brain-dead citizens of America….I know why they do it. For the sake of the dear little children who may be watching the movie.  You have a somewhat valid point there. Notice that I said, “somewhat.”  WHY?  Because you stupid censorship type people……they did not censor out all of the violent scenes which included so much blood and guts spewing all over the place that it would fill an entire blood bank.  That’s why!  Heads being chopped off……guts hanging out……body parts flying all over the place. A regular, “Dancing With Body Parts.”

Ya see folks….those of you with a brain…….those censors think that WORDS, such as Mother*****R will scar children for life, while blood and guts and carnage will not.  Go figure.  Oh yeah…..lots of cleavage on every single TV show will not scar them either. Just words.

“Mommy, mommy, what does F**K mean?”

“Johnny, don’t ever say that word again…it’s very baaaaaaad.”

“Ok, I’m sorry….can I go whack off Fluffy’s head with an axe then like they do on TV?”

“Sure sweetheart….just make sure you clean up afterwards… know how daddy hates blood all over the place.”

So, I banged of a terse e-mail to Spike TV, and of course, they ignored me.  As is the case with any TV show you have a complaint about. They look at your e-mail complaint and hit the delete button.  I know they’re gonna do that, but it just gives me a sense of satisfaction that they have to actually exert some effort to delete it. Damn F***ERS.

Am I making my point here?  It’s been over 30 some years since Carlin told us that we could not say those words on television……and nothing’s changed.  You still can’t say them on television, unless you  watch HBO or some other cable pay per view channel or purchase a DVD that’s not censored. I don’t get it!

What will happen to some kid if he or she hears any of those words?  They all know what they are already, and I’m sure the little tykes, if they’re in school have already scribbled them on the boys and girls rooms walls.  Or, have possibly even said them….OMG!!!!

Even this week some politically correct nutcase walked into a museum in Washington, screamed out, “this is evil” as she attempted to pull Paul Gauguin’s, “Two Tahitian Women” painting off of the wall.  Why….because the artwork had nudity and is bad for the children…..according to her explanation.  She obviously would not be a fan of George Carlin….although, I don’t think he ever appeared nude on stage, or, in any museum artwork.

The seven words, edited to appease the squeamish and WordPress, are, “Coc******R,” Mother*****R,” “Cu*T,” “Pi*S,” “Sh*T,” “Ti*S,” and the almighty of all scary words, “F**K.”

It breaks my sensitive little heart just to have to use all those asterisks.  A waste of a lot of good asterisks if ya ask me.

I believe I’ve made my point by now.  For those of you who either still don’t get it……you’re either F*****G stupid or think that everyone on the face of the earth should follow your own personal golden rule. Which most likely is, it’s ok to show blood, guts and carnage but don’t F**K around with my TV shows by using those disgusting mind-blowing words.

Um….is “blowing” ok to say?  I’m not sure. Have to check on that one.

That’s my rant on TV and the politically correct brain-dead population today folks.

Tune in tomorrow on MisfitWisdom when we’ll discuss the term, “bend over”……and how it relates to taxes, the deficit, politicians and the word F**K YOU.”  Nothing personal, mind you.

Sorry WordPress censors….I tried to be considerate.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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