Is God A Democrat, Republican Or An Independent?

Lottery me with a winning ticket so ah can repay my campaign fund the cash ah used to buy lottery tickets

Every so often my brain goes into an overload mode, at which point I head for my stash of “brain overload” medications in a vain attempt to function normally during the upcoming political free for all that’s about to consume all of us.  Namely, the potential number of candidates jockeying for the Republican party’s nomination to run against President Obama in the 2012 election.

I’m not strictly signaling out Republicans, because there are other parties, like the Tea Party and of course Independents, and perhaps the Tupperware Party as well.

But it seems to me that “God” has become involved in the political process.  Especially in the “middle America” part of the United States.  You don’t tend to see too much religion mentioned on either coast, East or West.  I could be mistaken, but I think people living on either coast don’t fear God as much as those living in middle America.  Might be due to the fact that on either coast we have a lot of “stuff” so we don’t pray to God as much. While in middle America there are lots of wide open spaces where there really isn’t a lot of “stuff.”  Maybe that’s why they’re so much into religion…praying for more stuff.

My point here is that I personally feel religion is a personal thing.  I mean, there are so many Gods floating around with a gazillion different religions that it’s impossible to actually pinpoint one particular God.  So you never know which one is “THE” God.  And we all have our own choices.  Mine is the lottery God….which I pray to faithfully.

Christine O’Donnell, (R) Del., in her younger years dabbled in witchcraft. Which, some people choose to dabble in rather than God stuff.  Which is fine, if you’re a dabbler and prefer to worship in other non-conformist ways I guess.  I say, “Hey, if using eye of newt (not Gingrich) and dragon’s blood resin is your thing, go for it.”  Um….as long as you’re not running for political office.

I don’t think God or religion should be brought into any political campaign, because, as I just said a few minutes ago, if you weren’t paying attention, there’s way too many Gods and religions. So you can’t expect everyone to go with “your” choice if you happen to subscribe to a certain God or religion. Unless you slip them a few bucks here and there.

And it’s not like we can narrow it down to just one single God.  Although I myself wish it turned out to be the lottery God.  In which case I’d most likely vote for any candidate that invoked the lottery God’s name. Just to be on the safe side……ya never know.

Then there are the atheists. What about them!  Do ya see any candidates begging for their vote?  It’s like they’re out there in the ol lurch. Who the heck are they supposed to vote for?  There’s probably millions of atheists out there that could actually swing the vote for any one candidate. They really need to find their own God somewhere. Perhaps an atheist. ….uh……….would that still qualify them as atheists?

Hmmmm…..maybe someone could run on the “no God” slate.

Yeah, I know, you’re all screaming, “blasphemy.”  At least those of you who are God-fearing people.  But, those of you who are not God fearing people probably think I’m right. So actually both of you are drowning each other out.

See……bringing religion and God into a campaign never works.  Too many Gods….too many religions…and, of course…waaaaay to many candidates.

Why can’t politicians just leave all this religion and God stuff out of their campaigns?

Then it would be all equal. You would actually have to vote for a candidate based on their qualifications rather than their connection to any religion or God. Unless, of course, it actually turned out to be a lottery God, in which case it would most likely turn out to be a landslide victory for whatever candidate actually had a lottery God connection.

I religiously play the lottery, so actually, I guess, you could say I’m religious.


I’ve gone and brought religion back into the political process unknowingly.

But….ya gotta admit……it’s the one religion that DOES give ya hope….of winning a gazillion million dollars while not alienating all other religions. Yeah,, other religions “do” give you hope, but at least there’s something tangible to get your hands on……like an actual lottery ticket.

Please God, let me win.

And ya don’t see any other religion or politician arguing about that.

In conclusion. If I’ve offended anyone by bringing up the subject of religion and God, I apologize. I will with all sincerity pray for your forgiveness…..

To my lottery God.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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2 Responses to Is God A Democrat, Republican Or An Independent?

  1. J Roycroft says:

    He’s a Libertarian!

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