What’s The “Snooki Palozzi” Attraction?

Snooki Polizzi from her official web site, "www.snookinicole.com

Am I missing something here?  I just can’t seem to figure out why Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi, one of the stars, and I use the word “stars” with a bit of reluctance,  (Joisey Goils..(as they pronounce it down there) is so popular.  I just don’t get it.

Ok, Ok……yeah, I know she’s stacked, so to speak, as I just did, but so are the Kardashians and their “stacks” are in proportion to their bodies. You know, tall even though there may be a tad of a hint of over butt excess.  I guess it kinda balances things off. Kinda like so you won’t tend to fall over. Ya have to think about that one.

Ok, so Snooki is all over the tabloids for her behaviour, salty explicit language and throbbing heaving fall all over the place boobs.  I get that.  But is she the kinda girl you wanna take home to meet mom and pop?  Well, maybe, if pop loves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and mom thinks short little Italian girls are cute.

(mama) “Oh my Giovanni, whada nicea girl you bring home. And she’s Italian…how nicea.”

(papa) “Hey kid…good catch.  Soooo little girl, who-sa your papa…..Doc or Sneezy…heh heh heh.”

Now I personally do not have anything against short people….or short women. I’m, kinda short myself. I need help reaching the buttons on those old outdoor pay phones. Sometimes ATM machines too. I also stay away from very tall dogs.

But, being short aside, I still don’t see Snooki’s attraction to the male population who watch that Jersey Shore show. She’s crass for Gawds sakes.  And some of the things that come out of her mouth aren’t necessarily all food either. We’re talkin’ language papa and mama might not exactly comprehend.  Not to mention, which I actually am about to mention, that she’s been in trouble with the Gestapo too.

I just don’t get it.

Well, there are a lot of other things I don’t get as well, but this is just one of them that bugs the hell outta me.

You would think that, given the choices, the other women on Jersey Shore would be more of an attraction than Snookie.  Unless, it’s the boob factor…..which, in that case, would definitely explain the attraction.  You all know how men’s brains are programmed to suck in the images of women’s boobs first, (pardon the pun) upon first scoping out any woman.  That could be it.

What amazes me is, given Snooki’s height, is how any red-blooded male could zoom in on her boobs if she’s in a crowded room.  Seems to me the Kardashian’s butts would be at the same level as Snooki’s boobs, thereby confusing matters even worse. Unless of course they were at a party for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in which case, Snooki would definitely have the advantage. As would I.

I’ll probably never get it.  But, then again, I never quite understood the attraction Micky Mouse had for Minnie Mouse either. And she doesn’t even have boobs. At least as far as I can determine. I could be wrong.

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1 Response to What’s The “Snooki Palozzi” Attraction?

  1. Alessandra says:

    “and mom thinks short little Italian girls are cute”: this girl is Chilean, no matter if she was adopted by Americans with Italian surname. Nobody has the same looks of Snooki in Italy.

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