The Dastardly, Disgusting, Despicable Maine Mural

Offensive Maine mural depicting what obviously are a bunch of workers freeloading

Damn communist infiltrators. Can you imagine! All these years, (3) since artist Judith  Taylor drew a mural depicting Maine’s labor history and then hung it on the wall of the Maine State Labor Department it really was an attempt to brainwash all the residents of the state of Maine.  Thank God for Governor Paul LePage who realized that this was all a terrorist plot to infiltrate our way of life, our way of thinking, when all along it was an advertisement for unions.

Thanks to the anonymouse (as always) person who sent a letter to the Governor stating, “the mural is reminiscent of North Korea where murals are used to brainwash the masses.”  Geez, all this time I thought North Korea brainwashed its people by simply banning the Internet, along with all communication from the outside world, and a gazillion pictures of Kim Jong il in his pajamas. Which may account for the huge spike in pajama sales in North Korea.

Governor LePage said he wanted to remove the offensive mural because, “I want to show that the state of Maine is just as friendly to businesses as it is to workers. The mural sends a message that we are one-sided.”

Hmmmm… man they weren’t as friendly to businesses as they were to workers before?  Shall we all break into a chorus of kum-bay-yah.

(I’m tearing up here….scuse me for a second)  (sniff)

He went on to say, “I’m trying to send a message to everyone in the state, that the state of Maine looks at employees and employers equally, neutrally and on balance.”  Yep….fair and balanced….hmmm…..where have I heard that before?

I took a look at the offensive mural (pictured) and perhaps the Governor is correct.

For instance, observe that airline pilot standing at the bottom left of the mural with his arms crossed.  Obviously goofing off when he should be out flying planes or something.  Then there’s the lady in the blue top being subdued by a business owner because she refused to work overtime for nothing. Damn rebel.

How about the guy standing next to that woman with a big stick in his hands. He’s obviously there to beat the livin’ crap outta that woman. See….violence depicted in this mural.

Next there’s the woman dressed in black asking that family why their 8-year-old daughter isn’t working when she could be contributing to the welfare of the families employer by boosting productivity for their employer.

The last drawing in the mural shows high paid workers just strolling around doing absolutely nothing. Unless they’re on they way to bash some anti-union heads who think that their $7.50 an hour wage is way too high. I could be wrong here, they actually might be making $8.50 an hour. And, they get stinkin’ benefits too….damn SOB’s.

I say down with unions. Who the hell needs em. Let’s get those 11 and 12 year olds working on the assembly line.  No damn time off for pregnancy leave. Hey, if ya wanna have a kid, don’t plan on working damn it.  And what the hell’s with that freakin’ 40 hour work week anyhow?

Not only that, but if you’re making $10.00 an hour after 10 years on the job and the company hires someone new to help you out and they pay them more than you, so what!  Quit your damn whining.

See….the Governor is right. That damn mural only causes problems between employees and employers.  I say ban all murals all over the country that show what organized labor has done over the years.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that the amount of lives lost (146) in the infamous 1911 New York “Triangle Shirtwaist”  fire might have been a lot higher had unions been around to represent workers rights.  (research that story)

We all know that unions and organized labor are bad, bad, bad. All of the benefits we have today as workers were automatically given to us at birth.  And no one can take them away from us.

In conclusion, if you believe all of this anti union stuff, (and I’m not saying all unions are good) I’m willing to pay anyone two or three bucks an hour to clean my yard, make some repairs in my house, and I’m willing to hire pregnant women too.

While you’re contemplating my generous offer, I’m ripping down very offensive murals on my own walls. Namely Playboy centerfolds.

We all know how very offensive that can be to minimum wage non unionized Playboy centerfolds and run of the mill strippers.

Governor  LePage….I’m doing my part.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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