Prediction: Poor and Rich. No Middle Class

Hey Gnork....there's no one home...WTF!

It’s come to my attention that too much is coming to my attention. I’ve absolutely got to start paying less attention to things that do not require much attention, but the problem there is that I feel everything requires my attention. Only because I never paid much attention in school, so I feel that now, I should really be paying attention.  Except I’m so poor I can’t even afford to pay attention……or anyone else that I owe money to.

The reason I hate paying so much attention to things is that I firmly believe that in the coming years middle class Americans will be phased out leaving just the poor and the rich. If I hadn’t been paying attention, I wouldn’t have been worried about this happening. See what I mean!

For instance. I can no longer afford the price of gas without taking out a bank loan. My fireplace is now my main heating source in my house with fuel being old furniture that we no longer use, like our bed, sofa, kitchen table, patio furniture and junk mail.  I usually don’t get regular mail anymore because I can’t afford stamps, so, I don’t mail out any letters, so, I don’t get any back. Cept for the junk mail.

Trips to the grocery store are few and far in between, and I only purchase necessities like Twinkies, Devil Dogs, M&Ms, donuts and the such.  Only because they contain a lot of fat grams and I can’t afford real food. That, and the fact that most grocery stores are opting out of those plastic disposable bags and I can’t afford to buy the cloth bags they have so when those plastic bags are gone, I’m going to have to stuff everything into my overcoat….hence, no heavy canned foods or meat. Ever try to stuff a pork loin into your pants?

So my theory here is that unless you’re poor or rich, life sucks for you. We’re just being phased out. Poor make out with all of the entitlement programs offered by various government and state programs. Middle class do not qualify for those programs even though we’re taxed out of our gourds to help support the poor and the rich.  But, the money’s running out.  I’m personally drained.

Geez…..a cup of coffee costs over two bucks. What the hell’s with that!  Freakin’ water and a few damn grounds in a paper cup and they want over two bucks!!!!

Now the rich as far as I’m concerned have it made. Yet……yet…..they continue to bitch about how they’re being taxed to hell and they have a tough time making ends meet on a mere $275,000 dollars a month. I feel their pain.

So the rich really don’t have to worry about anything except stashing their hard-earned money somewhere in the Cayman Islands so they don’t get too over taxed. Don’t wanna put a strain on their ability to grocery shop or put gas in their luxury vehicles do we.

So eventually, when all of the money that we lowly middle class slugs have is totally drained from our cold dead hands, all that will be left is the poor and the rich classes.  Then where’s the money to support everything going to come from?

Hmmmmm.   OMG!!   It’s going to come from the poor!!!   OMG!!!

We’re doomed.  When there’s no middle class to drain money from anymore, they’ll, (IRS, Cities, Towns, States, Burger King) will go after the poor to get money. But, but, but, they won’t have any money. What to do?

No problem.

If the poor don’t have any money to survive, they’ll all die off eventually just leaving the rich, and all will be well in Disneyland. There will be peace and prosperity in America after all. Hallelujah!!!

Oh Oh. I see a problem in this…………………. Rats!

If there’s no middle class and poor to suck money out of…….where’s the money going to come from to run the government and everything? OMG!!!

We all know the rich aren’t going to give up any of their cash. They’ll all move to some foreign country and live happily ever after rather than give up their wealth to support the government. OMG!!  We’re doomed I tell ya….doomed!!!


Solution.  When all this happens, level the entire United States, make it a giant game preserve for all kinds of wild animals, and let China run it. Geez, they own half of the U.S. now anyway don’t they?

Then get some lowly destitute slug and his girlfriend to manage the preserve and re-populate the land. Then we can start all over again….it’s brilliant!!!

See…..the world isn’t coming to an end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted…it’s just starting over.  With a couple of poor people…….who are relevant after all.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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