Sting Artist James O’Keefe…What’s In HIS Wallet?

O'Keefe, obviously dressed for attending a church service to pray for donations.

The great "ACORN" scandal exposed by O'Keefe

Apparently NOTHING!

Seems like he’s over extended his limit on his charge cards and now is begging for help to clear up his credit card debt. (sniff)

Geez I feel so sorry for the poor slob. Here he was out there posing as a pimp and another time as an Arab  so that he could expose those dastardly people at “ACORN” and “NPR” so that the world will be a better place for all of us, and now, (sniff) he’s broke…or near broke…and can’t go out and expose anyone else until his credit card debts are paid off.

O’Keefe says, ” Up til now, my friends and I have financed all of our work on our own, running up major credit card debt….we made a lot of sacrifices…..personally and financially….because we fight for what we believe in.”

Namely……screwing “ACORN” and “NPR”… thought. Who’s next folks?

How in the hell is he ever going to go out and screw any other organization unless you people out there help him pay off these debts? Come on folks. There’s plenty of other organizations that need to be screwed in the name of being screwed so that O’Keefe doesn’t get screwed not paying off his debts that he incurred screwing others.

Personally, I say, screw him. What goes around, comes around.

WAIT!!!  WAIT!!!  There’s hope for little Jimmy O’Keefe yet!!

I mean, look at all of the other useless organizations that need to be screwed by O’Keefe and his undercover videos. Lots of them.

For instance. The Red Cross. O’Keefe needs to dress up as a nurse and catch them donating money to help people in need.  This has been a big scam for years. We all know America doesn’t have any people who are in need, so where the hell is all this money going. Maybe even dress up as a homeless person…..which he might be soon if he doesn’t pay off those credit card debts.

How about the Salvation Army too.  O’Keefe could pose as an Army veteran and expose that organization for not really have an actual army. I mean, have you ever seen any Salvation Army soldier on the front lines?

Hey! How about exposing Social Security.  O’Keefe poses as a senior, infiltrates the heart of that government program with his video camera and asks the head of SS how come, when abbreviated, Social Security has the same initials as the German SS. HAH!! Not only that, but maybe ask them why, if they have “social” in their name, why there aren’t any socials one can go to on a weekend.  And “security,” what kind of security personnel do they have. See what I mean!

Then there’s Medicare.  Why do medics need care anyhow?  Doesn’t the government provide care for medics?

There are so many organizations that need to be exposed for their scams. We need O’Keefe to carry the torch.  Geez, all he’s asking for is a paltry $50,000 to clear up his credit card debt. Pin money as far as I’m concerned.

Um, while you’re at it, I owe about $1,500 on my own credit cards, so if you find it in your heart to maybe slip me a few bucks, I could clear up my debts too.  Although I haven’t exposed anybody or any organizations. Um, I MAY have exposed myself once in public, and posted bail for $1,000…..does that count?

Um maybe not……it was at home in an attempt to turn on my other half, but she just stood there and laughed.

HEY…’s exposing as far I’m concerned. Geez!

O’Keefe says, “If you help us pass $100,000 we can do new videos…and if by some chance, we raise $100,000, we could expose 20 disturbing cases of government abuse and corruption.”

Like maybe filming Senator Larry Craig making passes at other guys in a men’s room, or Elliott Spitzer when he was shelling out big bucks for hookers, or when Newt Gingrich was messing around on his wives, or Bill Clinton when he was in a closet with Monica. (O’Keefe in that last instance could have posed as Linda Tripp waiting in line for Bill’s suit)…..sorry…..couldn’t help myself.

Yep….there’s so much corruption and abuse going on I just don’t have the space, or time, to list them all.  Besides, how do you cover up a hidden video camera in Congress when you’re trying to expose all that abuse and corruption.

I rest my case.

(memo to O’Keefe……might wanna try applying for a Capitol One credit card. Hey, if those Attila The Hun guys can get one and go on a shopping spree, what the hell!)

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV   (nothings in my wallet)


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2 Responses to Sting Artist James O’Keefe…What’s In HIS Wallet?

  1. Doc says:

    Yea, better to give a few bucks, than have a bogus agency sap millions from the American taxpayer…

    As is always true, there is wrong on all sides…after all, we are only human and not perfect. No excuse, obviously, but always take everything with a grain of salt…like I did with Michael Moore’s filmographies.

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