Palin Boosting Her Foreign Policy Knowledge….or “DUH.”

Blagovitch's comments after a request from MisfitWisdom for help raising money for a Presidential campaign run.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sara “mama grizzly” Palin is visiting some countries in an attempt to possibly boost her knowledge of foreign policy as well as seeing if she can see Alaska from Russia.

“Todd!  Todd!…..grab your binoculars, I’m standing on top of a mountain here on the coast of Russia, can ya see me….?”

So far she’s been in India and asked officials there if she could take a tour of the “OK Corral” as well as where Custer’s last stand took place.  She stated that she had high regard for the Indian people even though many of them were running rampant during the days of the old West and caused many problems for the U.S. Calvary. While visiting New Delhi she commented to the populace there that it was wonderful that some of their people migrated to the United States many years ago and opened delis, named after New Delhi, in many U.S. cities.

Her next stop will be to Israel.  Questioned as to what would be on her itinerary when visiting that country, she said that she wanted to visit the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem, the most sacred place in Israel, because that was the one place she could not see from her backyard deck in Alaska.

Other possible stops on her trip might include Egypt to see the great pyramids so that she could better understand how Rubik made that “Rubik Cube” game, and  Moscow to visit where the first actual cow was born.

While in Russia she was asked if she would visit the ancient city of St. Petersburg, but she told reporters that she had no intention of visiting Florida on her current trip.

During a press conference she took aim at the mainstream saying, “I will not sit back and take media criticism. Too often, Republicans, I don’t know, they kind of have the fighting instinct of sheep.”

Immediate reaction from the “American Council on Respect For Sheep Rights” (ACRFSR) was swift.

“We here at ACRFSR are appalled at Ms. Palin’s remarks linking innocent sheep to Republicans. She’s not going to pull the wool over our eyes and get outta this one easily. For too long sheep have been taking the brunt of these insensitive sheep remarks and we’re tired of it. We say “baa” to you Ms. Palin.  Shame on you.  Pick on some other damn animal, like a donkey for instance, and you could have said, “Too often Republicans, I don’t know, they kind of have the fighting instinct of asses.”

Ms. Palin had no response to that comment from the ACRFSR, and as of this report, there has been no reaction from the “Donkey Ass Association” based in Mule Barn, Oklahoma.

So far Palin has not committed herself to stating that she will be a candidate for the Presidency in 2012. But all indications, including her trip to other countries, point to that fact that she is attempting to broaden her geographical knowledge of the world other than what she has learned from standing on her deck in Alaska and observing other countries.  Although it is a cheaper and more economical way of saving money on air travel and hotel accommodations.

I myself have a great knowledge of geographical areas.  Just this past summer, on a warm evening, I was able to stand on my own deck and observe far away places, somewhat like Sarah does, although I can’t see Russia from MY deck.

However, I could see houses far far away and zoom in on the residents and their activities with little difficulty, and this might qualify me for a run for the Presidency as well.

We all know that one of the major keys to a successful campaign is raising money…..lots of money. Qualifications for being a Presidential candidate are simple……celebrity status and, again, money.

With all of the things I’ve seen through my powerful 5,000 zoom-in capacity binoculars,  I have enough sleazy information on all of my neighbors and I could use that information to secure huge campaign donations…… other words…

Um….WAIT!   I think that’s considered blackmail.  RATS!!

(calling former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich)

“Hello Rod.”

“Yeah, this is Rod, how can I help ya?”

“Look, I wanna run for President, need to raise some cash, and I have some really good explicit photographs that might bring in some cash, but I need some help with this….can ya help me?”

“Sorry pal, I only deal in selling Senatorial seats….but send me some copies of those pictures and I’ll throw you a few bucks. Neither one of us gets somethin’ for nothin’ ya know.”

“GREAT!!!!!  My first campaign donation. YES!!!

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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