Tony The Tiger, Tigger, Exxon Tigers Take A Hit

Representative Wu's very offensive tiger photograph

I’m writing today’s blog in defense of all tigers who are taking a hit due to the fact that Oregon Representative David Wu (D) has been asked to resign simply because he supports tigers.

This is absolutely ridiculous.  It’s getting to the point where ya can’t stand up for anything anymore without someone calling for your resignation. This has got to stop!

Let’s look at the facts in this case.

Representative Wu simply sent a photograph of himself to his staff dressed up in a tiger costume.  What the hells wrong with that!  Am I not myself qualified to run for office simply because I wear my other halfs underwear? Um….strike that.  I really don’t wear her underwear….and, even if I, heh heh, did, I’m not holding any political office.

Ok, Ok….so it wasn’t Halloween and yeah, Rep. Wu has had some stress, health and medical problems, but…..does that mean he can’t dress up like a tiger?

Gimmie a break here.

Even the Republican state chairman is calling for Wu’s resignation saying that his behaviour was “unprofessional and inappropriate.” Unprofessional and inappropriate!!!   What about everyone else that wears a tiger costume!

Tony the Tiger the spokesman for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Tigger the superstar of all those Winnie The Pooh cartoons and books. And most of all the Exxon tiger.  WHAT!   Are “THEY” inappropriate too?

You don’t hear any damn Republicans calling for their resignations do ya?

Of course not, because those tigers are not in politics, holding any political office or are even thinking of running for the presidency in 2012.  At least as far as I know.

Although it’s been reported that Tigger recently purchased property in Wasilla, Alaska and might be considering a run for the governorship. Watch out mama grizzley.

I say if the Representative from Oregon wants to dress up like a tiger, let him.

Hey….it could be worse ya know. At least he’s not dressing up in women’s clothing, making passes at other guys in restroom stalls, dating hookers, or getting his blue suit cleaned after visiting with Monica Lewinsky.

If dressing up as a tiger is the worst thing Wu’s done…..I say…..tell those damn whiners to suck on a damn gas hose.  Um….as long as it’s Exxon’s.  (those tigers have to stick together)

In conclusion….as Tony the Tiger would say………………….


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1 Response to Tony The Tiger, Tigger, Exxon Tigers Take A Hit

  1. Doc says:

    On the face of it, it would be inappropriate to ask the congressman to step down based on a mere photograph of him in a tiger costume showing off to his kids a day or two before Halloween. But that’s not the entire story…

    It appears that he was undergoing some stress with his dad dying, and wife leaving him during this past year. Couple those major life events with bringing up his two children alone, with an 88 year old mother to care for as well, does have stressful moments in one’s life. So much so, that he admitted to undergoing mental health treatment.

    I think his staff believed that the treatment and his stress might be a detriment to his campaign and continued duties as a representative. In the end, he kept that stress and treatment hidden from his public persona, on the eve of a vote for his position. Would he have received a significant vote of support–who knows?

    Surely mental health conditions, and indicators of that revealed to the public, should be weighed in the grand scheme of things. But a simple tiger picture mailed to his staff, with accompanying voice mails as if from a child, along with a statement that he is under stress and receiving some treatment, in my opinion does not warrant removal…if nothing else, it speaks of individual courage.

    Too bad though, that he didn’t reveal this while he was campaigning, which is really what his opponents are questioning…but I am not an Oregon voter.

    Look at me, I’m nuts and should be receiving treatment, but you don’t hear anyone complaining about me; but then again, I don’t have a lot of friends, either…except maybe you, Dick.

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