Once Again Stupidity Reigns This Week

This might work in Connecticut if I could save a few bucks by not paying to have my trash picked up every week. (biosyreport.com)

I’m tellin ya……I’m beginning to really worry about associating with other humans these days.  I mean, animals I can just about trust not to screw me, not to say something stupid, basically because they can’t talk anyhow, and if they did have the ability to talk, they would probably make more sense than humans.

Here’s a few examples of how stupid humans are.  Some of you may disagree with me, but, if the shoe fits, wear it!

In a local newspaper a police official made a quote to the press about a young man who was stabbed to death by a group of teenagers.

“Well, we have to see if there has been a crime committed here”

DUH!  Crime? What crime?  The guy obviously walked into the path of a completely innocent knife just minding its own business while some guy was holding it. Um, is there an organization this official can join….something like “IA”……idiots anonymous.

Moving on……..ah yes…..Ms. Palin commenting on Michelle Obama’s comments about breast-feeding babies.

(Palin) “No wonder Michelle Obama is telling people to breast feed their babies, because the price of milk is so high.”

She may have a valid point here folks.  I’m thinking of buying a cow myself and possibly a sheep or goat to cut my lawn. Maybe even erect a toll booth in my driveway to make a few extra bucks.

Speaking of toll booths.  Connecticut is thinking about resurrecting toll booths once again. Some of you who have travelled throughout the state years ago may remember that toll booths were on the Connecticut turnpike every three feet or so. But, after a horrific accident, they decided to eliminate them.  Besides, eventually they began making money hand over fist with their two Indian casinos. So who needed stinkin’ tollbooths anyhow.

Oops…..we spent all of that casino money. NOW WHAT!!!

DUH!….how about toll booths?

Um…..how about I sneak around on all of your back country roads Connecticut and shove it up your toll booth butts.

Here’s another stupid quote this week.  And, regardless of your brain capacity, you may or may not agree with the folks in South Dakota.

P.S……If you still think Johnny Cash is a pay toilet and Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company you belong in South Dakota. Here’s why.

Legislators have introduced a bill to make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care in South Dakota. OMG!!!

Murder can be legal in South Dakota……um….in some instances.

Maybe they’ll expand this once they pass that bill. Like, murder can be legal if your spouse continuously nags you.  If a driver passes you on the right then flips you off…..presto…..grounds for murder.  How about this……if someone murders someone in South Dakota, then you can, in turn, murder the murderer who murdered someone in the first place, who might not deserved to be murdered so then, you legally have the right to murder that person and not be tried for murder.  Kinda complicated but I think South Dakotans can somehow work it all out without murdering someone in the process of arguing how it should be worded.

Is there any hope for the human race at all?

Um….well, there’s always NASCAR races. And the “Amazing Race.” As well as the Boston Marathon race.

I think those are the only races that still show some hints of intelligence.  Um…..maybe I pushed it a little on including the “Amazing Race.”

You all know how I detest reality shows.

Especially those taking place in South Dakota.

Where those people making the laws have absolutely no clue as to what reality is.

UPDATE:  I gotta hand it to my header artist Chick Noreau who sent me an e-mail after I posted today’s blog. His question in response to stupid people…in this case…..a logical question…..”Why do they have braille keys on drive up ATM machines?”

I rest my case.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV


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