Italian Women Outraged Over Berlusconi Sex Scandal

Hey this! Hi Baby! "Peeg.....Mia, spiace, non sono libero!" (non Italians refer to your translation gizmo)

When da moon hitsa your eye lika biga pizza pie, that’s amore……or, um….that’s Berlusconi’s cue.

Where the heck is Dean Martin when ya need him?

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who’s in charge of prime things in Italy, I guess, has been priming himself waaaay too much lately with other prime stuff, namely prime women.

Now women in Italy are calling his actions, “disgusting and disgraceful” because they feel that Berlusconi is presenting to the world a bad image of Italy.

Let me see if I understand this correctly.  Because Berlusconi is accused of paying for sex…OMG!………with a under 18-year-old nightclub dancer…..OMG!…..which is considered illegal in Italy….OMG!!!…..he’s disgusting.  Geez…..the guy’s 74 years old.  How else is he gonna have sex with a under 18-year-old nightclub dancer?  Pay for it!

But, as the law states, it’s illegal. I guess it’s not illegal if you’re under 18 to dance in a nightclub however.

“you cana look at da half-naked woman Silvio, but do nota toucha da merchandise or two beeeg Italian guys breaka your fingers….capisci?”

Obviously Silvio wasn’t worried about playing the piano anytime soon because he paid to have sex with her anyhow.

Hundreds of thousands of Italian women immediately took to the streets in Rome on Sunday, incensed that Silvio had sex with that woman.

He obviously should have used that famous line, “Ah dida nota hava sex with that woman.” Or, at least have called Bill Clinton for some tips on how to say that you didn’t have sex with a woman in Italian. Worked for him……somewhat…. Um…..maybe not.

Wiretaps from investigations into Berlusconi’s activities have been all over the news for weeks with references to bundles of cash, talk of sex games and gifts that would-be starlets received after attending parties at Berlusconi’s villa.  Kinda like an Italian version of the “Price Is Right” spinoff, except, if the ladies guess the correct price, they get to spend an evening with Silvio.

Women protesting held up signs like, “I love my boyfriend for free” and “it’s a scandal” with little asterisks pointing to the small print, which I think, when translated into English, said, “Silvio, call my number below and we’ll forgive you……hang up if a man answers.”

On top of all this, photos and videos from a growing list of young women from show business alleged to be connected to Berlusconi have been plastered all over Italian television and in other media sites showing the women in erotic poses or in their underwear.

This would tick me off too considering that all I ever get to watch on television is Betty White frolicking around with some football players. Do ya think we’d get to see all of that stuff on our TV channels?

An author of a book, Lorella Zanardo, commented that, “big boobs, small hips, and always available” is what is constantly portrayed in the newspapers.  REALLY!  Geez….all I ever get in my newspapers are J.C. Penny and Kohl’s ads for socks and stuff.  Gotta get me an Italian newspaper subscription.

Berlusconi has survived sex scandals in the past and he’s still drawing huge crowds at many of his rallies.

I suspect that most Italians are playing their cards right on this one. If Hugh Hefner ever retires, (yeah right) Berlusconi could step right into his shoes…um…..strike that…..step right into  his bathrobe and become the next Hef.  What better guy to take over Playboy Enterprises than Silvio Berlusconi.

Italy and Italians have long been associated with love and romance. So, in my opinion, this is being blown way out of proportion.  Italians could damage their reputation in the “love” category if they keep harping on Silvio.  They could cause sales of Dean Martin records to plummet. Pizza could even take a huge hit. Not to mention re-runs of the Godfather movies.  It could be a disaster.

I say live and let live.  Let ol Silvio alone.  If the country’s not suffering, whatsa the problemo?  Let him have his little Il Gattos……(kittys)

Everybody sing now:

Whena da moon hitsa your eye lika bigga pizza pie….that’s amore,

When da world seems to shine likea you’ve hada too much wine…that’s amore.

Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling- a-ling……um….

RUN SILVIO!!!  RUN!!!  It’s the La Poliza!

Buona Giornata…….have a nice day.

Copyright 2011 MisfitaWisdoma RLV


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