Rham Emanuel Should Tell Chicago Officials….RHAM THIS!!!

Mr. Emanuel, dressing up like a sexy woman is NOT going to sway the jury one single iota.

Let me see if I understand the logic behind all of this.

Rham Emanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, according to the Chicago state appellate court is not qualified to run for mayor of Chicago because he hasn’t lived in Chicago for the past year. Well, where the hell was he?

Oh yeah, he was working in the Obama administration until he resigned to run for mayor of Chicago where he had a substantial lead in the polls until the court ruled, “Hey, you can’t run, you haven’t lived here for over a year you dumb ass.”  They may have worded it differently than I just typed it but it basically means the same thing folks.

BUT.  And this is the part my usually demented but logical mind has difficulty understanding. Emanuel owns a house in Chicago, has constantly paid taxes on that house, which is his residence when he’s not or was not in Washington, and, I do not recall officials in Chacago saying to Emanuel, “Hey, because we’re fair minded officials, we think you shouldn’t pay taxes on your residence because you actually are working in D.C. for the President, so, because we’re honest and have no political agenda whatsoever, just skip sending us those tax checks.”

Soooo, Emanuel has been paying those taxes all the time he worked in the Obama administration, Chicago cashed those checks, but now says he can’t run for mayor because he hasn’t lived there for a year.  Does this mean he gets to receive a refund?  I mean, if he didn’t live there, then actually he shouldn’t owe taxes.  And, if they say, well, he still owned the property so we should get the taxes, then shouldn’t he be allowed to run for mayor?

And how do they exactly know if he wasn’t there during that one year?  He could have visited the house or at least collected his mail.  You know how junk mail and letters from Publishers Clearing House always keeps going to your house years after you’ve left. I bet those tax notices went there too. Wanna bet.

So now Emanuel has to take his case to the Chicago Supreme Being…oops, I meant the Chicago Supreme Court for another ruling from the supreme beings that sit on that court making supreme decisions because that’s what the Supreme Court does.  I think.

You don’t possibly think that all this is politically motivated do ya? Nah, just my imagination I guess. I’m apparently reading too much into this story. I can actually see Chicago’s concern with the residency requirement.


For instance.  I pay local taxes, which, in return, I get…um…..


Oh yeah, the ability to send my children to a public school.  Hmmm, I don’t have any children in school.  Ok, um, local fire department coverage. WAIT!  The local fire department is all volunteer. Hmmm…..oh yeah….I get my street plowed….um….but that’s plowed by the state.  Hmmmm.

(calling my local town hall to see what I pay taxes for)

“Hello, is this the town clerks office?”

“Yes, may I be of assistance if you’re a local taxpayer, and if you’re not, hang up the damn phone.”

“Yes, I pay town taxes, but I was wondering, where my tax dollar goes because I live on a state highway, do not have any children in school, pay for my own trash collections and the fire department is all volunteer?”

“Sir, are you some kind of a freakin’ nutcase or something. How the hell do you think we here at the town hall get paid?  Money doesn’t grow on damn trees you idiot.  YOU….pay our salary, so stop your damn whining. THAT’S where your paltry tax dollar goes. Now get off the damn phone and quit wasting our valuable time.”

“Can I just ask one more question?”

“What is it?”

“If I ever decide to run for a local office will I be qualified because I do pay taxes here?”

“Have you lived in your house for over a year consistently?”

“Um yeah, cept for the times I travel to another state to buy lottery tickets and that one time I went to a baseball game at Fenway Park.”

“Sorry, you’re disqualified. I said you must have lived there consistently and the fact that you travelled to two other states disqualifies you. Now hang up the damn phone.”

Rham Emanuel….ah feel your pain.

Copyright 2011 MisfitWisdom RLV

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