The “F” Word. OMG!!! Are You Kidding? THE “F” Word!!!!!

Hmmmm, shouldith it beith, To f**king beith or not to f**king beith, that is the f**king question?

As you all know by now, much of my blog subjects come from the side of my brain that I injured as a child while slamming my scooter into a telephone pole in a feeble attempt to convince my parents that it had been destroyed in an accident, thereby making them feel sorry for me and then buying me a new two-wheel bike.

Didn’t work.

The rest of my information comes from Web surfing, various magazines, newspapers, news programs, and actual real life experiences, some of which, I cannot write about due to the X rated factor. Might make for a good book later on when I’m on my death-bed and no one can sue me.

Anyhow, one of those informative magazines, as I’m sure you well know by now that I faithfully subscribe to and is the essence of all male life is Playboy Magazine.  Ok, Ok, so I do look at the pictures, but, I also read the entire magazine from cover to cover for informative articles and crucial information.

Such as the article on the “F” word.

You know, the word that will make you go blind if you say it, make people cringe in total disbelief, cost you several Hail Mary’s and a few Our Fathers in the confessional and at some point flipping someone off using the silent method rather than saying it.  It’s called “the bird.”

In this month’s Playboy author Jesse Sheidlower writes about the “F” word in an article entitled, “An Enduring Curse.”  Meaning, in essence, that the “F” word has endured for many eons.  Perhaps, in my own opinion, as far back as General Custer’s battle at Little Big Horn when he turned to the officer next to him and uttered those infamous words, “Look at all them f**king” Indians.”

Recently, Vice President Joe Biden was caught whispering into President Obama’s ear, “”This is a big f**king deal” in response to the signing of the recent health care bill. He obviously didn’t know a microphone picked that up. Fortunately for the Pres, no one heard him reply, “Holy crap Joe, ya better watch your f**king language.”  I think.

But let’s face it.  That word has been around for so long it’s almost pathetic to think that someone should be offended by anyone using it.  I say, f**k it………use the damn word.

Sheidlower makes the point that in many on-line communications such as Facebook, Twitter, Sodahead etc. there are the usual references to the word as in, WTF, OMFG, BFD and so on.  So what’s the BFD?

Just think how dull conversations or jokes would be without that one single word. The late George Carlin and the very much alive Louis Black would most likely not be as f**king funny if the “F” word were not a part of their routines.

He ends his article with: “It is not possible to even guess what will ultimately take its place, but for the near term, f**k seems secure.  Thank f***kin’ God.”

I agree.

I can’t imagine myself pounding a nail into a piece of wood, missing the nail and hitting my thumb and saying, “Oh my goodness, that really hurts” as I scream out in agony.

More like, “SOBitchin’ mother****** bas***d my f**king finger hurts like hell….Aggggggggh!!!”

Somehow saying all that at that very moment cannot be conveyed by simply remaining silent while prancing around the yard in agony holding one’s index finger up while silently giving the bird with thrusting jabs into the air.

Do all of you get my f**king point?

Copyright 2010 MisfitWisdom RLV

(late addition) I no sooner wrote this blog when I sat down for dinner. My other half opened a bottle of catsup and managed to somehow get it splattered all over her sweatshirt.  Being the kind gentle hearted person that she is….whaddya think she yelled out?

If ya said, f**k…………’re right.  Point proven as I sat there and LMAO.

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1 Response to The “F” Word. OMG!!! Are You Kidding? THE “F” Word!!!!!

  1. Tom Santos says:

    I agree, F**k is a very important word in the English language. It’s also universal, everyone knows what it means. It s widely used for various thinks: Description; This is f**cking beautiful. Length: That is really f**cking long. Lovingly: That was f**cking great. Degrees: you are one big F**cking jerk! Names: Hey f**cker, get over here!

    Many great uses for a great word.

    Now I offer you a tongue twister to say 3 times fast: I am not a fig plucker, nor a fig plucker’s son. But I will pluck figs until the fig plucker comes.

    Good day my friend.

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